5 of the best ways to dress up your patio this Christmas

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Can you feel it? You can certainly start to see it as all the major retailers start to roll out the Christmas decorations.

It’s that time of the year when we start to realize that it’s our turn to host our friends and family this Christmas and Boxing Day and the patio is still trying to wake from its winter slumber.

Nothing freshens up a patio like a quick clean and fresh decorations, so with this in mind here are 5 of the best ways to dress up your patio for this festive season.


Quite simple really, cleaning the patio is the one of the best ways to make it feel new again. Grab everything that has been tucked away under the patio all winter and move it out to clear the space under the patio.

Get a broom or cob web brush and pull the away the old spider webs, give the area a good sweep and finally give the patio a good wash. Just be mindful if you have any electrical items such as lights or fans not to soak them with water.

Then if you have some old towels or rags dry up as much as you can so that it’s not constantly dripping on you.

Once the patio has been cleaned it will look almost new again and with nothing under it such as an outdoor setting you have a clean blank canvas to work with.

Light it up

Lights are a great way to add character to your patio.

Image courtesy of Country Living

There are numerous trends for outdoor lights and the current trend are lights inside old jam jars. Fairy lights wrapped around patio posts or intertwined around potted plants under the patio can certainly add to the atmosphere.

This is the season for lights too as a lot of households begin the very popular Christmas lights displays. Lights can make the patio feel warm and inviting or they can turn it into a festive party zone.

Colour it in

Adding splashes of colour to your patio is a simple way to brighten the area up.

Changing the colour of the cushions on the outdoor setting, or adding colour to the table setting are easy ways to get colour under your patio.

Image courtesy of Segals Outdoor Furniture

Potted plants or flowers is great option to add colour to your patio and as mentioned lights can also bring colour to the patio with various party lights on the market.

Image courtesy of Junique Events

Painted pots, artwork or hanging wall gardens can all add colour to the patio area.

Replace it

The old outdoor setting or table and chair setup maybe a bit run down or out of style, if you budget allows it then simply replace it with a fresh new setting or get a bit craftier and seek out second hand settings that bring the feel and life your wanting this festive season.

There are second’s stores or the ever reliable internet with likes of Gumtree or Ebay that could be hiding a gem waiting to shine under your patio.

Or you can get real crafty and simply refurbish your existing furniture by painting it, re-upholstering old chairs all of which can be great fun if you have the time.

Its Christmas

It doesn’t get much simpler than that, it’s the festive season so add personal touches to the patio.

Not all Christmas decorations are tinsel and lights so see what you might be able to add as decorations to your patio. Have a second Christmas tree outside that everyone that visits can add a decoration to. It’s not only fun for your friends and family to add to this tree but it also makes it a centre piece of laughs and enjoyment.

Then when it’s all over take a photo of the tree in all its glory and turn it into a thank you card or make it next year’s Christmas card.


Your patio can get a fresh lease of life with a few simple changes but in doing so it can also add smiles to your face as you sit back and enjoy the festive season.


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