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Right around Australia, we have some fantastic, unique, Aussie Christmas traditions. With our wonderful multicultural society, there are plenty of cultural influences contributing to our Christmas traditions. These have adapted and evolved over time, with a strong focus on family, friends and relaxation.

As Christmas comes around during summer, there is a large focus placed on staying cool – so hot roasts are out! And outdoor BBQs and cold seafood are in!

At Great Aussie Patios, we think Christmas time is a great chance to take a break with your family and friends, and have chosen some of our favourite Great Aussie Christmas traditions to share with you.

Aussie Christmas Tradition at the beach

Aussie Christmas BBQ Lunch

The Christmas Lunch has become a staple Aussie Christmas tradition, with many different foods on the menu. While some families stick with the traditional roast turkey lunch, many have opted to stay out of the kitchen and enjoy the weather outdoors.

And so, the Christmas Day BBQ Lunch tradition has been born. If you live anywhere in the southern hemisphere, you know every summer day is ideal for a BBQ in the backyard patio.

So what are we having on the BBQ? Some of us love to cook up kebab sticks covered in delicious satay sauce. Others prefer the vegetarian treats of grilled haloumi and veggies. The fisherman among us have had the cray pots out all December so they can cook up some crays on the barbie. Plenty of Mums still love to pre-prepare a glazed ham for everyone to enjoy while the BBQ is heating up.

Whatever we are cooking on the BBQ, it is a great way to spend time together outside with your family and friends, which is what Christmas Lunch is all about!

Need some Christmas Lunch inspiration? Check out our Great Aussie BBQ recipes, or even our favourite beers to drink under your patio.

Christmas BBQ Lunch

Christmas Lights Trails

While Christmas lights are by no means unique to Australia, we do have the advantage, as we can walk around the suburbs at night, in the balmy heat, rather than rugged up for the snow. It’s a great chance to wonder the streets with your family and friends and see the Christmas Lights.

Feeling competitive? Try and out-do your neighbours with some creative Christmas lights. Or be nice and nominate your neighbour for their efforts. Perth has some absolutely fantastic streets that go all out at Christmas time. Check out the Best Christmas Lights and put together your walking trail for December.

Christmas Morning at the Beach

If you aren’t at the beach on Christmas day are you even celebrating? This is a great Aussie Christmas tradition, that many Aussies living on coast enjoy.

Your Christmas Day at the Beach Checklist:

  • Testing out the new body board, snorkel, or other equipment you received for Christmas.
  • Making sandmen – the lack of snow does not stop you from being resourceful. Sandmen and sand angels to replace snow people and angels.
  • If you don’t smell like sunscreen, you haven’t followed the slip, slop, slap rule. You will not stop smelling like sunscreen along with your clothes, your car, and your bathers.
  • Tan lines after 3 minutes of being in the sun, expect thong lines, bikini lines, awkward t-shirt and shorts, sunglass lines and more.
  • There is a very high chance you are going to have that great textured beach hair too.

Backyard Slip-and-Slide

If you can’t get to the beach or pool, the good old backyard slip-and-slide is another great aussie Christmas tradition. Whether you have a hilly driveway you can use for elevation, or you build an elaborate backyard ramp for your slide, all you really need is a tarp, hose and some detergent for slipperiness to get this party started!

How do you plan on celebrating your Great Aussie Christmas this year? We would love to hear about your weird and wonderful Aussie Christmas traditions!

If you need a new patio to help you enjoy your backyard this summer, give our team at Great Aussie Patios a call for a quick and easy quote.


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