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In 2016, we wrote a blog on Patio Prices In Perth. 4 years on we wanted to follow up to this popular blog just to see what or if anything has changed in this time. So very often we are asked for the very best deal or discounted price even before we have completed the quote for a new patio. However, the very best deal is not always the cheapest.

We are all so eager to get the best deal, the cheapest deal or the deal that is too good to be true that we can overlook everything else. Can you remember the old WA Salvage ads with the slogan “we’re not fancy but we’re cheap.” Or even now the power of advertising with such words like “price match” or “we will beat it by 10%”.

We start with a clear perception of what we will not compromise on but it can quickly become clouded when the price is all we start to focus on. Before we realise it we start to compromise to get the cheapest deal we can.

It is hard to not focus on the cheapest deal as we are subjected to finding the best deal in everything we hear, watch or read. Even now it is easy to find cheap patio deals just by using the internet.

Adding a patio to your home can be a large investment and they are certainly not a spur of the moment buy. So why do we tend to consider the cheapest price?


One of the easiest ways to spark your interest is through advertisements. Displaying sale prices or patio pictures along with unbelievable deals is a great way to entice you, what we tend to see is the price only and how cheap it is. This will generally make us take a second look but what we tend to miss is the fine print like “conditions do apply” or “see in store for more details”.

We often gloss over this as the bright pictures and the price focus us on how good it would be to have a patio like the one shown. It’s simple yet effective. What is in that fine print?

In any advertising, information is selectively shown. There is other information that is in the fine print that you might not necessarily read like the possible extras such as the shire approval, the number of polycarbonate skylights, the option to have certain colours and the list can go on and on.

Our team of design consultants are frequently asked how much for more or fewer skylights or what do we charge for a certain colour option?

Cost Cutting

Another way some companies can offer such amazing deals is by cutting corners such as using imported steel as it is cheaper than using the quality of Australian steel. Some reduce the initial advertised price by contracting the patio installation out to others. This cuts the cost of the patio but it soon increases as other contractors get involved.

As mentioned above in advertising there may be some details not included in the patio price such as the shire approvals required for the patio to be built. Our design consultants often asked if a shire approval is required when replacing an old pergola or patio as it was previously approved, However, any new structure is required to be approved by the appropriate shire departments as over time engineering changes and old approvals do not match the new patio or carport materials. So by not getting the required approvals is another way of cutting the costs.

Service and Quality

There is a saying - We offer 3 kinds of services: good, fast or cheap. However, you can only have two.

  1. Good and fast service won't be cheap.
  2. Good and cheap service won't be fast.
  3. Cheap and fast service won't be good.

We are subject to the want it now and we want it fast, that’s why payment services offering to take your goods now and pay later are proving to be so popular.

At Great Aussie Patios, we do not claim to be the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive but we do offer the best in quality and service. So in the 4 years that have past since the last Patio Prices in Perth blog have any of the example pricing changed to the present day?

In that blog we priced a gable patio at 7m x 5m, an 8m x 2.5m raised flat patio for the side of the home or a half dome design for the same area. We also provided an estimate for a small courtyard on any patio design based on 3.5m 3.5m. Well, our estimated prices have not changed. A gable patio at 7m x 5m is still between $$11,500 & $12,500. The raised flat patio along the side of the home 8m x 2.5m is still $5,000 & $6,000, the half-dome option is again no different with an estimated price of between $9,000 & $10,000. What about the smaller patio areas such as the courtyard of 3.5m x 3.5m? Again no change here with an option of patio designs to choose from starting at $4,500 to $5,000. These are just estimates but in 4 years our pricing has not changed, it's not fluctuated with seasons or driven by the popularity of a design.

All estimated prices include GST and all of our standard options.

  • The quickest installation time in the industry
  • Unlimited polycarbonate skylights at no extra cost
  • Double-sided high-gloss Colorbond roof sheeting at no extra cost
  • Extra strong and stylish 90 x 90 posts
  • Quality Australian Made galvanised Colorbond Steel
  • Welded trusses, made in our quality assured production facility, zinc primed and powder coated
  • Any colour combination from the 22 Colorbond colours at no extra cost
  • All shire building approvals
  • A Lifetime warranty on our workmanship
  • A quality patio installation, built to our strict standards by our own fulltime installation experts

The age-old saying of “If its to good to be true, it usually is” should be a warning to us all. The entrapment of only focusing on the cheapest price can often lead us into trouble. Great Aussie Patios has improved its level of service and quality from the initial introduction to receiving a quote through to the final call to ensure you are happy with the final product. We are always striving to improve every aspect to provide you, our customers the very best. To request your free no-obligation quote today call our friendly staff on 9493 7115 or email us at

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