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When it comes to patio roofing there is no more popular roof than Colorbond® . Whether it is in Corrie or Mono clad it is the roof sheeting that many turn to.

It is Australian made, looks fantastic, and is available in a range of colours.

What Is Colorbond®

Colorbond® is manufactured by BlueScope steel and is Australian made. It is tested here in Australia for Australian conditions in a range of environments.

This makes it suitable for your patio no matter where you may live, especially here in Western Australia.

What To Consider When Selecting Colours

When selecting colours for any purchase it can be fraught with danger, even more so when it comes to your home.

Making the new patio feel like it is part of your home means getting the colours right and is by far the most asked question when our design consultants are on site quoting.

However selecting the right colour need not be difficult if you have a well laid out plan. For some their home is brand new and they selected a Colorbond® roof so know the colour choices of this as well as guttering and down pipes.

For others who maybe renovating their home and their outdoor entertaining space, selecting the right colour to match the future colour scheme is important as this will tie it back to the home.

Then there are the well-established homes and on occasions colours that date back to the 70’s early 80’s. Finding the right Colorbond® colour means you will be dealing with more of the classic range of colours to enhance the home along with the patio.

Selecting colours for your new patio is and should be making the patio a part of your home. It should never look like it was an after thought as it will stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Our design consultants are very experienced and are more than willing to guide you through this process.

Other Colorbond® Products

Other roofing options that use Colorbond® steel are Bondors Solarspan and Insulroof. These options are the insulated roofing sheets that are also proving quite popular for there added thermal properties as well as the appearance.

solarspan in surfmist with woodland grey frame great aussie patios

Bondor Solarspan roofing uses Colorbond steel to create these insulated roofing sheets

Another Colorbond®  steel option is Fielders C-dek roofing. This is also quite popular due to its clean finish and the use of fewer steel beams under the patio.

completed gable to match renovations great aussie patios

Another renovated home using the Fielders C-dek roofing which also uses Colorbond steel

Colorbond® also supplies guttering, flashings and downpipes, all of which are available in Colorbond®'s colour range.

What Colours

Colorbond® has 22 colours to select from. The classic Range is made up of 8 colours with the likes of Classic Cream and Manor Red.

colorbond classic range great aussie patios

Then there is the Contemporary range which has several new colours not to mention some very Australian names such as Gully, Mangrove and Wallaby to name a few.

colorbond contempary range great aussie patios

Now Colorbond® has released 5 new finishes that are sure to be very popular.

Matt finishes are very vogue at the moment and Colorbond® has provided a small selection in a matt finish that is already proving to be a very popular choice.

colorbond matt range great aussie patios

Of the 22 colours available 3 of these are double sided (both top and underside) and are high gloss.

The double sided colours are only available in the same colour not a mix of colours. These 3 colours are Paperbark, Surfmist and Classic Cream. (There are no double sided colours available in the Matt finish.)

Options to Think About

When it comes to colours not only think about the Colorbond® roof but also pay close attention to your colour selection for your patio guttering, flashings and down pipes.

gable patio all in colorbond cream to match existing gutters on house great aussie patios

The patio gutters, flashings & downpipes were selected to match the existing colour on the house

These are all ordered made to suit your new patio and all in the Colorbond® colours. Then there is the Australian steel frame patio, this will be powder coated in one of the selected Colorbond® colours also.

Some choose to go with contrasting colours that have a darker frame to offset the lighter roof sheets or vice versa.

gable patio in colorbond terrain and shale grey great aussie patios

A vastly different look with a dark frame and light coloured roof

Others want their new patio to look seamless so want all the colours to be the same.

gable patio all in colorbond cream great aussie patios

This patio was coloured all the same to give a simple but effective appearence

Now with the Matt finishes available you can mix two of the same colour to have a vastly different look.

What Are The Most Popular Colorbond® Colours?

By far the most popular colour requested by our customers is Classic Cream, with Surfmist, Ironstone and Monument not far behind.

Classic Cream is popular as it has been around a long time and is quite often used on new homes as well as the established homes.

classic colorbond manor red and cream gable great aussie patios

The use of the classic manor red to contrast against the classic cream on this established home is a perfect match and will look seamless once the renovations are completed

The classic cream works well with darker Colorbond® colours to give you a nice contrast and as the roof sheets are double sided you can see why it is the most popular.

New housing estates and an increase in renovations have seen more of the Contemporary Colorbond® colours increase in popularity. This is due to more modern styling cues and colours play a large part of this.

colorbond darker colours with contrasting light sheets great aussie patios

This gable patio uses the Colorbond Monument colour for the frame to match the home and the darker colours are popular in new estates

A great tool to view the Colorbond® range is located at Colorbond®'s website.


With this tool, you can change the colours of the roof, gutters, down pipes and flashings. It is a great way to try and visualise these colours on your new patio.


At Great Aussie Patios, we do not charge any extra for the 3 optional double sided Colorbond® roof sheets. In fact, all of the 22 colours are included in our quotes.

The 5 new Colorbond® finishes in the Matt range, as well as the Ultra Roofing range, do cost extra. You can enquire with our friendly design consultants when you meet with them and they can provide you with a price on these finishes.

You need look no further for a quality roofing product than Colorbond® . To finish off your new patio we recommend using Colorbond® steel to really give your new patio the edge.

To get your free onsite quote call our friendly design consultants today on 94937115 or email us at sales@greataussiepatios.com.au

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