SUNGLAZE™ polycarbonate roofing

Perth patios today are all about living outdoors and it’s about lifestyle and entertaining.

Advances in design and roofing materials have helped transform the humble patio or pergola into an outdoor living space for your family and friends.

One such advancement is in roofing with a material called SUNGLAZE™. This product is polycarbonate roofing that resembles a glass sheet.

It is light and available in selected colours or tints with some having a UV rating for that bit of extra protection.

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With Perth’s beautiful sunny days more and more homeowners, as well as outdoor establishments, are looking for something that helps set them apart when it comes to patios and the outdoor lifestyle.

SUNGLAZE™ does just that with its ability to make the area feel light and open. It also lends itself to a variety of designs, from flat patios to dome patios making it a truly adaptable product.

Another advantage to the SUNGLAZE™ product is minimal light loss from inside the home. Some homes may not be ideally suited when it comes to sunlight, however, SUNGLAZE™ roofing will still maintain the natural light that would be lost by using a solid roofing product.

The product truly transforms the outdoor living space yet providing protection from the elements.

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SUNGLAZE™ Brochure (2.16 mb)