Perth Custom Patio Designs

Our Perth patio design team can help you create a dream custom patio, carport or pergola, to suit your home or building. Custom patio designs can be a real challenge for homeowners with unique needs, especially when local builders don’t want to do anything out of the ordinary beyond their standard templates and designs. However, a good, unique custom patio that matches the nature of a home and its architecture doesn’t have to be unobtainable. Custom patios can definitely be fabricated, especially those matching the needs homeowners with specific shape and style covers.

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With the help of Great Aussie Patios, homeowners can enjoy wraparound patios that contour to the shape of the house versus just one-side structures. Patios can also be designed to deal with multi-level changes as needed with some custom homes. Covers can be fabricated with varying materials as well. These include solid layers mixed with light-penetrating covers, glass, and venting for airflow. Windbreaks and side airflow covers can be made as well.

Drainage is not a problem with custom patios as well. Intricate drainage and piping can be installed as needed to make sure water flow doesn’t collect in eaves or folds of a custom patio or create dangerous pools above ground. With correctly-lined gutters, the water collected on the patio can be trafficked off and away from the building entirely.

Custom patios can also be designed to work for multiple purposes as well. A homeowner with the right design from Great Aussie Patios can have a cover that works not only as a carport but as a skillion and a patio cover as well. m. Structures can also be fabricated for large event covers outside, making for great event shade producers while folks can still enjoy celebrations in the natural air versus being cramped inside. This approach can be used for patio areas, picnic tables, pools, and even outside congregation areas on large properties.

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With the ability of the Great Aussie Patios design team, there is no shortage of possibilities in terms of what can be built for a structure or home cover. Much of the limitation is really in what a homeowner doesn’t want a patio to be or what he restricts the design to provide in terms of benefits gained. The team has no issue creating unique constructions that match a building’s structural need as well.

So if you’re looking for a cover, but a standard template doesn’t work for your home, consider creating a custom patio design with the help of Great Aussie Patios. There’s no reason not to have the best possible versus just what someone says is available. Make your house dream become a reality.

You may recall that whilst you were not the cheapest we were generally happy with the quoted price and in particular your attention to our requirements. Now that the job has been completed, we are delighted with the final product and believe that it is not only visually appealing but also extremely well engineered. We think the design is just terrific and it certainly looks like a quality product.

So thanks to you and the team – we would not have any difficulty recommending GAP to any of our friends.

Gary & Kerry Gliddon,
Managing Director Braxford Consultancy Pty Ltd, Nedlands