Perth Flat Patio Designs

If you’re looking for a patio that can provide comfort and style whilst simultaneously delivering an optimal level of protection, a flat roof patio could very well be the perfect solution for you.

Flat patios may be considered one of the more conventional patio designs, but there’s a very good reason they have been one of the most frequently installed patios by Great Aussie in our 20+ years of operating within Perth, Western Australia.

The extensive range of customisation options, flexibility and ease of installation, and their cost-effective nature makes flat patios a very lucrative option for homeowners.

From design to construction, Great Aussie Patios can build you a flat patio that will protect your home from Australia’s harsh and unpredictable weather.

With over 20 years of experience creating functional and visually appealing patios, pergolas and carports, let Great Aussie Patios’ professional team enhance your outdoor space with a flat patio today!

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How Can a Flat Roof Patio Help Protect Your Home From the Elements?

Summer in Western Australia can get very hot for prolonged periods of time.

This can make your outdoor entertaining area nearly unbearable without the right protection.

The shade provided by a flat roof patio will cool the flooring, seating and other areas of your backyard to make them much more comfortable.

Flat patios can even be used to give your pool extra protection from the elements.However, it’s not just the warm weather you’re protected from.

Flat roofs are designed to be able to resist harsh winter rains and winds, meaning your outdoor area will be kept in great condition all year round.

Great Aussie Patios have a wide range of steel roofing and polycarbonate roofing materials available to make your flat roof patio just as modern as your home, on top of being affordable and providing extra cover for your new entertaining area.

Add Value to Your Home for Less with a Flat Roof Patio

As with any architecture or landscape work, a major factor to consider with flat roof construction is the cost.

Every type of patio is going to have slightly different costs due to factors such as materials and maintenance.

This is not something you need to worry about here, as flat roof patios are one of the most cost-effective patio designs around. 

Since patios are also a great way to add value to your home, it becomes a win-win situation.

You get to increase your property market value in a low-cost way while avoiding other building sacrifices.

What is a Flat Roof Patio?

With modern house designs becoming more and more abstract, people are trying to implement new patio designs that end up being more form over function.

The flat roof patio design has been around for a long time, which may seem like a con to some - but it’s important to think about why it’s still quite popular.

The aesthetics of a flat roof patio are able to seamlessly blend in with all types of home designs - whether your home is a recent build or been standing for years, this patio design is an excellent choice.

In appearance, flat roofs may look flat - but they are mounted at a slight angle so that water can still drain away effectively and not cause roof damage.

Since flat roofs are also a simpler design, it makes for a low-maintenance solution that will cost less in the long run.

Flat roofs are also very accessible, and due to their relatively flat nature they can be easily cleaned without the need for specialist equipment or extra-length ladders.

Versatility and Customisation to Make the Flat Patio Yours

If you’ve performed some research into patio design before, you may be familiar with the idea of free-standing patios and incorporated patios.

Some different types of patios are better-suited to being free-standing and some offer more function when incorporated.

Flat patios have no such restrictions - their versatility makes them capable of being built as either free-standing or incorporated into existing buildings such as gable and curved roofs.

Flat roofs are also easily customisable, meaning getting a custom-made patio solution that suits your home or backyard is less of a chore.

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All of our patios are made right here in Western Australia with the most durable and long-lasting materials.

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Interest-free* payment options available with Humm®90. Find out more »