COOL TOP® polycarbonate roofing is a non-metal roofing option and is perfect for all patio styles. It's up to 50.0% cooler than traditional metal roofing and available in Greca profile only.

The COOL TOP® roofing product lends itself extremely well to dome patios as it is a lightweight polycarbonate product that has the flexibility to follow the contour of the dome shape.

However, its ability to provide a solid cover yet still be light in weight which is a step away from a steel COLORBOND® steel roof that is proving popular with homeowners.

If you would like to learn more about this roofing option for your new Perth patio or pergola, contact us today!

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cooltop roofing option from great aussie patios

A dome patio with the COOL TOP® roofing. The frame is nightsky with cream COOL TOP® sheets and diffused ice endfills.

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