Perth Skillion Patio Designs

Skillion roofs are great for a backyard or side of a house, especially in regions that see a lot of sunlight and atmospheric heat, as the patio design innately provides shade and sun protection.

When the average sun-exposed area can reach upwards of 40 degrees celsius, having a shade cover that can drop that temperature by five degrees can be a huge advantage and benefit, for both people as well as animals.

The beauty of today’s home skillion patio roofing options is that they can be crafted in multiple sizes and locations.

With one side connected to a house structure, usually in line with the roof, the other side can extend out to varying degrees, providing something as simple as a walkway cover to as much as an extended pool area or patio cover.

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What is a Skillion Roof?

Before deciding upon a type of roof patio, it’s important to know the ins and outs of each so you can make the most informed decision possible.

A skillion roof is a mono-pitch roof with a slope and may or may not be attached to another building or roof surface. The roof itself may be referred to as a pent roof, shed roof, or lean-to roof.

While this might sound similar to a gable roof patios, the skillion roof design differentiates itself from a gabled roof because a gabled roof is dual-pitched.

You also can’t confuse them with flat roof patios, as the pitch in a skillion roof design allows for better drainage during winter - something that doesn’t come with a standard flat roof.

Skillion Roof Patio Materials

The roofing materials a skillion patio is built with can be either steel roofing or polycarbonate roofing materials. 

Some units have panels that create an overlapping roof, others rely on panelling across large portions, and some utilise a lattice approach with multiple pieces or rows of covering making up the total sheltering surface.

Drainage is not a problem either, as water flow can be easily directed safely off the skillion.

Unlike a full structure, however, a skillion roof can be put up very quickly. The work primarily involves establishing and positioning the support poles away from the structure.

Then the horizontal framing can be put in, with the branches and cover work put in last. Most skillion patios can be installed within a day with very little material involved.

Homeowners are often surprised by how effective the units can be as well as easy on a home budget in terms of cost.

For a backyard of a house that gets plenty of sun exposure, the skillion choice is a great addition.

It can provide an easy shade area that can be used as a sitting or outside eating area, a welcome cover from the direct sun, and even an outside area for the pets so they don’t suffer in the heat or the rains.

Why Choose a Skillion Roof Patio?

There are many reasons to consider skillion roof patios for your home. Read below for some reasons why our Perth skillion roofing is second to none.

1. Skillion Roofs Are An Affordable Option to Increase Home Value

Keeping your patio solution cost-effective for you is critical in making your patio decision.

One advantage of skillion roofs in this regard is that they are cheaper to build than multi-slope roofs.

You wouldn’t be alone in this point being the deciding factor for you, as most people often choose skillion roofs due to their low cost.

2. Customisable Skillion Roofs to Match Your Aesthetic

As with any patio roof, you would want your skillion roof to match the look of the rest of your home.

That need not be a worry here, as Great Aussie Patios are able to provide polycarbonate roofing that can be painted to blend seamlessly with your existing visual style and other decor.

We are also capable of designing a skillion roof in many different shapes and sizes, from a small square to a large oval skillion roof.

You can be sure that - if you decide to go ahead with a skillion roof - it will be sure to slot right in where it’s needed most.

What’s more, we can style the roofing panels in a variety of attractive ways using an overlapping design or a lattice approach.

3. Protect Your Vehicle All Year Round with a Skillion Roof

If your home is without a traditional garage - or you have too many cars to fit in your garage - a skillion roof carport might be just what you need.

Many carports feature styles of gable and hip roofs, but using the skillion roof design is not only functional but a lot more affordable.

Great Aussie Patios’ designers will ensure they obtain all required permits or government approvals before building a long-lasting structural sound carport.

A skillion roof structure can be installed very quickly unlike a full structure and can often be finished in a single day.

Our Quality Skillion Roof Products

We choose to use quality Australian-made roofing products, which are known for their strength and durability.

This allows our patios to include:

  • Stronger support beams and fewer posts
  • Unique and innovative lock joining system
  • Many great colours available
  • Australian made and owned

With Great Aussie Patios’ workmanship, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your skillion roof patio designs will become great-looking and high-performing patios that will last for many years to come.

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If you’re thinking about making some additions to your home to enhance cover from the sun, but you’re not entirely convinced a big structure is the best idea, a skillion roof may offer a viable option for both financial and practical needs.

The change is definitely worth the investment for years to come, and homeowners realise how smart they were for installing one once they get to enjoy the shade and cover produced by a proper skillion roof patio.

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