Perth Hip-End Patio Designs

There are plenty of ways to enhance the outdoor area of your home, and having a hip end patio built is a great choice. Hip end patio designs can be attached or detached, so they are wonderfully versatile. In the case of an attached patio, you and your family can step right out and immediately be protected from the elements. Detached hip end patios are a great way to enjoy far-flung parts of the yard, and they're also popularly used with pools and outdoor dining areas.

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Extend Your Gable Patio

Hip end patios are often used to extend gable patios. While gable patios have roofs that are shaped like inverted V’s, hip end patios have less drastic lines. When they're used to extend gable patios, they strike a really nice balance. Some people have hip end patios and gable patios built simultaneously. The point is that the sky's the limit in terms of patio design. Hip end patios can be as long and tall as you'd like, and they can be coated with a variety of colours to achieve the perfect look.

Enjoy Exceptional Protection for Outdoor Enjoyment

One of the perks of attached hip end patios is that they're attached to the hip end of the roof line of your home. You have plenty of options in terms of patio roofing materials, colours and styles, so you can easily find one that meshes well with the appearance of your home. What this does is create a gorgeous, natural extension of your home where you can kick back, relax and enjoy the outdoors with the perfect amount of protection. Whether the sun is directly overhead or rain is pouring down, you'll be cool, dry and comfortable beneath your hip end patio.

Customise Your Hip End Patio Today!

As a homeowner, you'd probably like your patio to be as unique as you are. Don't worry because achieving truly personalised results is easy. There are more design options for hip end patios than ever. You can have skylights installed in yours to allow in the perfect amount of light, or you can use tinted panels for a similar effect. Whether you opt for a uniform colour or for bold bands of different colours, you will end up with a hip end patio that is truly unique, utterly stunning and simply perfect.

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