BONDOR SolarSpan® Insulated Steel Roofing

Are you wanting to transform your Perth patio area into one that you can use all year round?

Great Aussie Patios offer our valued customers high-quality patio roofing solutions that will elevate their outdoor living space to the next level.

BONDOR SolarSpan® has increasingly become one of the most popular steel roofing options amongst Australian homeowners due to its range of unique features and benefits.

Unlike conventional roofing solutions, SolarSpan® is an ingenious combination of roofing, insulation and ceiling into one durable, functional and attractive panel.

Bring the inside-out and increase the value of your property with a SolarSpan® insulated patio roof from Great Aussie Patios today!

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What is BONDOR SolarSpan®?

BONDOR SolarSpan® is a premium insulated patio roofing choice for any outdoor living area.

Incorporating the latest advancements in roofing technology into its unique design, SolarSpan® consists of two layers of high-quality steel laminated to a high-performing polystyrene core.

SolarSpan®'s high-quality construction results in a roof sheet that provides an unrivalled level of protection against the Australian elements.

With nine vibrant colourways, SolarSpan®'s insulated roofing can also be styled to perfectly match the look at feel of your property.

SolarSpan® is truly Australia's all-in-one roofing material.

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What Are the Benefits of BONDOR SolarSpan®?


SolarSpan®’s high polystyrene core provides efficient, long-lasting insulation that will block heat, making it perfect for keeping your outdoor space cool during Australia's hot summers.

Comfortable all year round

Day or night, winter or summer, with the SolarSpan® insulated patio roof, your outdoor space will feel comfortable all year round.


SolarSpan®'s advanced design and construction result in a product that is long-lasting and low-maintenance.

With SolarSpan®, you can rest easy knowing that you'll be receiving a steel roof of the absolute highest quality.

Guaranteed 10-year warranty

SolarSpan® will provide you with peace of mind by offering a 10-year written warranty on your panel.

Noise reduction

SolarSpan®'s high-performing polystyrene core helps to reduce noise from heavy rain and hail.


SolarSpan®'s insulated panels have been constructed to be able to withstand the harshest of Australian weather conditions.

Featuring two layers of steel laminated to a high-performing polystyrene core, a SolarSpan® insulated roof has the strength and durability to protect against hail, rain, fire and strong winds.

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