Perth Gable Patio Designs

Whether you'd like to add more usable space to your home or want to create a sheltered area in the backyard, a gable patio is a worthwhile idea to consider.

With their peaked roofs and sleek, modern designs, gable patios are excellent additions to any home.

Like so many other types of Perth patios, they can be attached or detached, which gives you the flexibility that you need to achieve the perfect patio design.

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What is a Gable Patio?

One of the most popular patio designs currently on the Western Australia market is the gable patio.

Gable roofs are constructed utilising two roofing panels that are ‘pitched’ in a distinctive triangular shape.

The two panels meet in the centre, forming a ridge and completing the roof’s classic design.

This makes them a great choice for any new patio in your outdoor entertaining area, being able to be custom designed to look great and integrate with another existing structure on your property.

Why Choose a Gable Roof Patio?

From appearance to added space, insulation and more, there are many reasons to consider custom gable patios for your home.

Read below for some reasons why our Perth gable patios are second to none.

1. Shield Yourself from the Elements in Style with a Gable Patio

Summertime temperatures are notoriously extreme in this part of Australia, but who wants to sit inside all summer long?

After putting so much work into your yard, shouldn't you be able to enjoy it? With a gable patio, you'll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds all year round.

Gable patios offer the perfect amount of protection from heat and the elements.

Open sides and peaked roofs make them delightfully airy and spacious, so you're able to enjoy fresh air whenever you'd like without subjecting yourself to the punishing rays of the sun.

2. Increase the Value of Your Home with a Gable Patio

As a homeowner, you're probably always looking for ways to enhance the value of your home.

Since it extends the amount of livable space in your home while making the outdoor area more pleasant, a gable patio will increase its value by a considerable degree.

That's especially true when you have it built by an experienced company and are able to customise it to your liking.

3. Make Your Home Larger with a Custom Gable Patio Design

The right gable patio can act as an extension of the indoor portion of your home.

When the weather is nice, an attached gable patio is sure to be a popular place for people to congregate.

Even during rainy weather, you and your family will be able to spend time in the patio without getting wet. Thanks to the peaked patio roof design, the water will simply run off the sides. 

4. Affordable, Comfortable and Visually Appealing

Whether you opt for an attached gable patio or a detached model, you'll appreciate how affordable it is to have one installed.

The extra comfort that a well-designed gable patio brings to a home is considerable. With sleek, graceful lines and a tall, eye-catching roof, this type of patio breathes in the perfect amount of light, style and flair.

Why waste all of those beautiful summer days? For dining, lounging and socialising, gable patios are excellent solutions. And don't forget gable patio designs make excellent carports too. 

Our Quality Gable Roof Patio Products

We choose to use quality Australian-made roofing products, which are known for their strength and durability. This allows our patios to include:

  • Stronger support beams and fewer posts
  • Unique and innovative lock joining system
  • Many great colours available
  • Australian made and owned

With Great Aussie Patios’ workmanship and quality installation, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your gable roof patio designs will become great-looking and high-performing patios that will last for many years to come.

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