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Make sure your carport construction is by Perth patio builders Great Aussie Patios. We specialise in colorbond steel carports. Anywhere in Perth a carport installation will enhance your home and protect your car. Unlike other patio designs, carports are a type of patio that doubles up for entertainment and utility.

Many people find themselves having to park their cars or trucks outside due to space needs or having one vehicle that needs to be inside a garage. Unfortunately, doing so exposes a parked car not just to the sun, but to any elements falling on the car as well. This can include rain, sleet, snow, and even hail as well as wind-blown debris. However, with a carport, a homeowner can maintain a level of protection that will do wonders for avoiding elemental damage to a car parked under it, even if just a top cover.

Carport Construction

Carports can be fabricated in all sizes, depending on the structure they are attached to. Additionally, they can be built in multiple sizes from one car to four vehicles in terms of covering size. They can also be built with very durable roofing, so a simple, corrugated cover is not the only choice available. Covers can even include gutters for water run off drainage as well, since a large carport will collect quite a bit of water on its space.

Carport Installation

The framing on carports comes with very durable, strong resources. The framing is often installed with pressure-treated timbers or metal beams, both for vertical supports and horizontal cross-beams. With proper installation, these carports can look both appealing to the eye as well as serve good cover, regardless of wind and rain pelting down on them. No matter what the elements might throw, these covers will protect your vehicle with a great degree of cover and shelter.

Carport Designs

The aesthetic look of carports doesn’t have to be ramshod either. There are some very nice designs and assemblies that can be chosen from, matching the main décor of a house very well. They can be open-ended on the sides or walled in with existing structures, and the carport provides the final layer over the top of the car with slanted roofing to shuck off water and debris that may fall. Additionally, these structures can be fabricated and constructed in multiple colours without worry, so there’s no problem making sure the final product matches the house it’s attached to.

Carport Patios Perth

If you’re in need for an extra cover on your vehicle and the garage is not available, or one doesn’t exist, then a carport is your answer. You don’t have to settle for an amateur job either; a professionally built carport can be had, protecting your car and adding to the value of your property for years to come.

From the quote, to customer contact, to installation, everything exceptional.

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From the quote, to customer contact, to installation, everything was exceptional.

Stuart and Sharon Baird

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