When it comes to steel patio roofing products, there isn’t anything quite like BlueScope’s COLORBOND® steel.

COLORBOND® is the trusted brand that Great Aussie Patios have turned to create our high-quality patio roof sheets, gutterings and flashings.

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What Makes COLORBOND® Steel Roofing Different?

COLORBOND® by BlueScope is an Australian-made steel roofing product that has been specifically designed to achieve high performance against the harsh and unpredictable Australian environment.

COLORBOND® steel incorporates five material layers in order to consistently deliver outstanding results and achieve maximum durability for your patio - no matter the location. 

These five material layers are:

  1.  A steel base that has been manufactured to meet Australian-grade levels of strength. 
  2.  A metallic coating that incorporates Activate® technology for improved corrosion resistance.
  3.  A layer of pre-treatment to optimise the below adhesion coatings.
  4.  A corrosion inhibitive primer. 
  5.  And a topcoat of exterior-grade paint that has been specifically developed to resist chipping, flaking and blistering.

What Are the Benefits of a COLORBOND® Steel Patio Roof?

One of the greatest benefits of utilising COLORBOND® steel in your patio build is that it can help keep your home cooler in summer.

COLORBOND® is able to reduce the level of heat entering your patio roof through its Thermatech® solar reflectance technology. This energy-smart technology reflects the sun’s heat, meaning your outdoor space will stay cool even on the sunniest of summer days. 

Incorporating COLORBOND® steel into your patio area will also help block direct sunlight from entering through adjacent windows and sliding doors, meaning less dependence on air-conditioning during the summer - passing cost savings on your annual energy costs on to you.

What To Consider When Choosing Your COLORBOND® Roofing

When deciding on a COLORBOND® steel colour and finish, it’s important that you choose one that compliments and matches your home’s existing colour pallet. 

When selecting your patio roofing colour, pay close attention to your gutters, flashings and downpipes. Consider if you want to match the colour of your COLORBOND® patio roof to these, or whether you’d rather create a sense of depth by selecting contrasting colours.

Furthermore, if COLORBOND® steel has already been used for your home’s roof, would you like to create consistency throughout your entire home by selecting the same COLORBOND® colour, or would you rather turn your patio into a standout feature?

Additionally, three of COLORBOND® steel sheets are double-sided, so you can enjoy contrasting colours on both the top and bottom of your patio roof. The double-sided colours available are Paperbark®, Surfmist® and Classic Cream™. 

What Steel Roofing Profiles Does Great Aussie Patios Have?

MonoClad® Roof Profile

MonoClad® is a balanced design of water-carrying capacity, wind-load performance and simple fixing.

The visual appeal, strength, wide cover, lightweight nature and high weather resistance of MonoClad® make it perfect for all roofing applications. 

Features and Benefits

  • Deep 29mm ribs provide excellent spanning and water-carrying capacity
  • The large water-carrying capacity and weather-tightness permit very low roof pitches
  • Suitable for 2-degree minimum roof pitch
  • Fantastic durability in almost all locations
  • A unique blend of characteristics provides a low installed cost
  • Simple installation through fixing and easy notching of flashings
  • Hi-tensile steel - both high strength and lightweight
  • Excellent strength allows for long, economical spans
  • Domed crest provides greater foot traffic performance

Corrugated Roof Profile

Corrugated is a traditional roofing profile that has been enhanced by modern materials and finishes.

The soft uniformity and curved roofing profile make it highly versatile and a very popular choice in architectural applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Cost-effective to use and quick to install
  • 5-degree minimum roof pitch to suit most traditional applications
  • Uses conventional through-fixed screws
  • Available in an extensive range of colours
  • Fixed screws maximise performance and installation
  • Anti-capillary side laps - 1 ½ rib overlaps for weather protection 
  • Spring curving is ideal for curved roofs

What COLORBOND® Colours Are Available?

COLORBOND® steel is available in twenty-two different colours and five finishes. When selecting the perfect COLORBOND® colour for your patio roof, consider how the colour will contribute to the feel of your outdoor space. 

To help you find the perfect colour for your patio, COLORBOND® steel’s extensive range of colours are presented in four groups - Contemporary, Classic, Ultra, and Matt. Whether you prefer colours that are light or dark, cool or warm, subtle or bold, COLORBOND® is bound to have one for you.

The most popular COLORBOND® colours requested are Classic Cream™, Surfmist®, Ironstone® and Momument®.

The lighter colours are most popular for those who are looking to create a cooler outside entertainment area due to greater heat-reflection properties.

Darker colours and matte finishes are ideal for those who are looking to create a sleek and contemporary styled outdoor area. 

Click here for the COLORBOND® Colour Chart (PDF)


COLORBOND® Contemporary Colour Range

Evening Haze®
Shale Grey™


COLORBOND® Classic Colour Range

Classic Cream™
Cottage Green®
Deep Ocean®
Manor Red®
Night Sky®
Pale Eucalypt®
Woodland Grey®


COLORBOND® Matt Colour Range

Shale Grey™


COLORBOND® Ultra Colour Range

Woodland Grey®

How Much Does COLORBOND® Steel Roofing Cost?

At Great Aussie Patios, we don’t charge our customers extra for the three optional double-sided COLORBOND® roof sheets, the COLORBOND® Matt colour range, or the COLORBOND® Ultra colour range.

When receiving a quote for a COLORBOND® roof, we provide pricing for all of the available 22 colours, allowing you to compare prices before deciding on your purchase.

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If you are interested in adding a high-quality patio to your Perth home, COLORBOND® is our recommended steel roof sheeting product.

Not only has COLORBOND® been designed to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions, but it also comes in a variety of colours so we are able to fully customise your patio to meet your exact specifications. 

From selecting colourways to picking your patio design, our experienced design consultants are more than willing to guide you through the entire process of creating your patio.

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