COLORBOND® is a trademark brand of steel products produced by Bluescope Steel. Bluescope is a quality Australian company that supply coils of COLORBOND® steel which is pressed and rolled into roof sheeting, guttering and flashings to Great Aussie Patios.

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Stramit industries based in Maddington are Great Aussie Patios preferred supplier of roof sheeting and associated products made from COLORBOND®.

The advantages of choosing a COLORBOND® roof for your patio area are:

  • Matching in with an existing house roof made of COLORBOND®
  • 22 standard colours available which complement any home
  • Ideal to provide full sun protection
  • Long warranties on the product for your peace of mind
  • Clean lines and smooth curves for a beautiful appearance
  • Good reflecting properties to keep the heat out in summer

COLORBOND® is the ideal year-round steel patio roof sheeting for most of our patio designs and carports.

Colorbond Steel Patio

Colorbond Steel

BlueScope Steel


Great Aussie Patios offer 3 profiles of roof sheeting for your convenience:

Trimdek Colorbond Steel

Corrugated Colorbond Steel

Greca Colorbond Steel

COLORBOND® comes in 22 colours which will complement any home.

Click here for the COLORBOND® Colour Chart (PDF)

Some of the lighter colours are available in double-sided so you can enjoy the colour on the top side and bottom side of the patio roof.

Below is a table that shows the range of 'solar absorbance' of the 20 COLORBOND® colours. (Please note that Sanbank, Headland, Loft, Bushland and Wilderness are longer available.) Clearly, the lighter colours absorb less heat. This means a lighter coloured roof will provide for a cooler area below the roof as most of the heat is reflected rather than absorbed. 

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) has classified roof colour on the basis of their solar absorptance, referred herein as very light, light and dark.

Table 1 - Colour Classification in Accordance with the BCA

Great Aussie Patios uses only Colorbond colours

Click here for the COLORBOND® Matt Chart (PDF)

Note: These values do not relate to the COLORBOND Ultra or Stainless steel ranges. Please note, these readings are for standard COLORBOND colours incorporating Thermatech technology.

If you are looking for the ultimate in heat reflection then look at our page on 'Solarspan' Insulated Roofing Panels'. These panels are insulated with 50mm of polystyrene foam ensuring minimal heat inside your patio area.

If you prefer more light in your patio roof, look at the SUNTUF polycarbonate page or the Supal Multiwall page.