SUNTUF® Polycarbonate Roofing

Great Aussie Patios utilises SUNTUF®, the world’s leading profiled polycarbonate sheet, for our patio designs and roofing. 

SUNTUF® was the first polycarbonate roof sheet introduced in the 1990s to the Australian marketplace and has proven a performer for over 25 years.

Weighing half the weight of glass, SUNTUF® profiled sheets also offer multiple advantages over traditional alternatives; up to 20 times greater impact resistance, the highest light transmission rates, the lowest yellowing index, the highest load rating, and the highest resistance to wind uplift. 

With a lifetime warranty and a wide range of colours and profiles to suit all tastes, SUNTUF® will be sure to look great at your home!

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SUNTUF® Certifications

SUNTUF® doesn’t just claim to be the highest quality; it is backed up with certifications:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

  • 99.9% UV Protection

  • Australian Standards Certified (AS 4256-5)

  • Early Fire Hazard Test (tested to AS 1530)

  • Sandbag Impact Test (tested to AS1562-3)

  • Rated for Cyclonic Winds (tested to AS 4040.3)

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SUNTUF® Standard Polycarbonate Sheeting

SUNTUF® Standard polycarbonate roof sheeting has a long track record as a reliable and effective method of protecting Australian families from the elements.

SUNTUF® Standard’s high performance, hard-wearing sheets are capable of multiple uses in domestic and industrial settings. 

In addition to its flexibility, SUNTUF® Standard is exceptionally economical. As the most affordable sheets from the SUNTUF® range, they allow you to cover your designated area with hard-wearing polycarbonate roofing for a bargain price. 

SUNTUF® SolarSmart Polycarbonate Sheeting

SUNTUF® SolarSmart is SUNTUF®’s premium polycarbonate sheet. SolarSmart provides 99.9% UV protection as tested by the Australian Skin Cancer Research Foundation.

In addition to UV testing, SolarSmart polycarbonate sheets have been early fire hazard tested, sandbag impact tested and rated for cyclonic winds.

SUNTUF® SolarSmart is also available in two different profiles to give you the look you are searching for. You can select from a corrugated profile or a more defined, square greca profile.

SUNTUF® SolarSmart Selective Polycarbonate Sheets

SUNTUF® SolarSmart Selective is SUNTUF®’s ultimate range for sun protection. This range offers up to an 85.0% reduction in heat and light transmission.

The SolarSmart tints on the Selective range enable a higher light transmission through their sheets while maintaining shading coefficient values.

What Are the Benefits of SUNTUF® SolarSmart?

High-Performance Technology

SUNTUF®'s polycarbonate panels provide a holistic solution for patio, pergola and carport roofing. They are lightweight and sturdy, UV protected with improved durability against weathering, and easy to handle and install.

The SUNTUF® polycarbonate sheeting has SolarSmart near infra-red technology that blocks out the sun's heat while allowing the light through, letting you enjoy your patio area in the summer months without overheating.

SUNTUF® polycarbonate sheeting includes an embossed finish that eliminates the harsh glare from the sun. This is beneficial as it helps diffuse the daylight across your patio, meaning the bright sunlight can shine through your patio area without overwhelming light shining into your eyes.

UV Protection

SUNTUF® polycarbonate roofing sheets provide 99.9% UV protection against harmful UV radiation.

This maximum UV protection also makes SUNTUF® great for greenhouse applications. It does this while allowing up to 90.0% of available light to pass through the sheet, and its resistance to weathering makes it suitable for Australia’s varied climatic conditions. 

SUNTUF® represents a revolution in polycarbonate roofing. The sheet is transparent, yet it can still block out more solar radiation than any other sheet currently on the market.

SUNTUF® reflects more heat across the entire ultraviolet light spectrum, not just the portion that provides visible light. 

Near-Infrared Radiation Protection

Near-infrared radiation, which we can't see but feel on our skin, has been a key factor in Australia's hot summers, where it becomes overbearing and unbearable for people under their porch roofing with no protection whatsoever. 

SUNTUF® is unique in its ability to block out 'near-infrared’ heat radiation, meaning you will be able to enjoy the hot summers Australia is known for, without having to worry about being overwhelmed by direct sunlight's overwhelming rays.

Natural Lighting 

If you want to protect yourself from the harsh elements of the summer and winter seasons while outside but don’t want to be robbed of the natural light coming into your home, SUNTUF® roofing is for you.

SUNTUF® comes in a variety of levels of transparency, giving you the ability to choose how much sunlight to let in or block out. 

Even if you choose to have all transparent SUNTUF® sheets to let in as much light as possible, our Standard clear sheets still block out 10.0% of light transmission and 14.0% of heat transmission.

Our most effective range, SolarSmart Selective, blocks out up to 85.0% of the light transmission and 84.0% of the heat transmission, making them more effective than any other polycarbonate sheet on the market!

Create Skylights

You can also use a combination of both the SUNTUF® sheets and COLORBOND® steel roofing, SolarSpan® Insulated or SUNPAL® MultiWall to create skylights in your patio roof if you want extra shelter from the sun.

This is an excellent idea if you already have a patio with a COLORBOND® or similar material but want some extra light but don't want the expense of replacing the whole roof.

Using a few rows, you will be amazed at how much light you can achieve through polycarbonate roof sheeting.


SUNTUF® isn’t just virtually unbreakable, it also offers excellent design flexibility. It can be curbed both along and across corrugations and longitudinally on dome patios.

Polycarbonate’s hardy qualities make SUNTUF® resistant to impact from hail or even hammer blowers, yet the sheets can still be easily modified using cutting tools. 

Colour & Profile Options

Whether it is a beautiful coloured patio, carport or pergola covered with polycarbonate sheets, SUNTUF® is an excellent choice to help make outdoor covered projects come to life. With its wide assortment of profiles and colour options, SUNTUF® is ideal for the modern-day Australian home. 

SUNTUF® polycarbonate skylights/roof lights and polycarbonate sheets are available in hundreds of profiles and match all standard metal profiles. Whether you want glass-clear or light-diffusing tints, SUNTUF® polycarbonate panels are available in hundreds of profiles and match most existing metal profiles. 


SUNTUF®’s MetalMatch™ technology gives Great Aussie Patios an almost unlimited ability to customise new solutions and design a tailor-made corrugated profile for your structure.

If you do not find an exact match in the SUNTUF® extensive polycarbonate profiles range, we can customise a solution with the MetalMatch™ technology!

Long-Lasting Performance

SUNTUF® maintains its light transmission for years and provides a comfortable and healthier environment.

The long life span of SUNTUF® is supported by its 25-year warranty and is the only polycarbonate roofing product on the market to be proven to last over 25 years.

Australian Leaders in Polycarbonate Sheets

SUNTUF® was the original polycarbonate sheet to come to Australia and still today is the industry leader of polycarbonate sheets within Australia.

They were the first to introduce a 25-year warranty on their products and have the only polycarbonate sheets proven for over 25 years.

SUNTUF® were also the first to introduce anti-glare technology, solar control, SolarSmart near-infrared technology and cyclonically rated sheet.

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SUNTUF® is the world’s leading profile polycarbonate sheet for building applications, including skylights/roof lights, sidelights and complete profiled polycarbonate roofing and cladding solutions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use SUNTUF® For Roof Skylights?

Yes! You can use SUNTUF® to act as a skylight. 

How Long Does a Polycarbonate Roof Last?

Polycarbonate roofing will last anywhere from 10 to 20 years with some manufacturers offering warranties up to 25 years.

Does Polycarbonate Roofing Block UV?

Yes, SUNTUF® polycarbonate roofing offers up to 99.9% UV protection.

Does Polycarbonate Roofing Block Heat?

Yes, SUNTUF® polycarbonate roofing has the capability to block heat making it an ideal roofing option for sunrooms or shaded patio areas.