Perth Steel Roofing Sheets

As Western Australia's most trusted Perth patio and pergola builder, Great Aussie Patios knows what it takes to build the perfect outdoor living space.

With over 10,000 happy customers and 20+ years of experience, you can count on us to design and install a pergola or patio roof for you that's as strong as it is beautiful. As part of our core service offering, we can supply and install a custom-designed patio roof that will protect you from the elements and the intense Australian sun. 

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Our Steel Roofing Materials


Contrary to popular belief, there are actually multiple varieties of steel roofing materials. At Great Aussie Patios, we only use steel materials from the most trusted Australian brands, including:


We know our customers are looking for a roof with longevity and style. That's why we offer COLORBOND® steel - Australia's most popular roofing option for pergola, carport, deck and patio projects. Choose from a range of 22 standard colours or match your existing colour in order to create the perfect look! COLORBOND® steel roofing provides protection against rain and will keep you cool during those hot summer days!

You’ll also enjoy the peace of mind knowing that this durable material comes with an outstanding warranty - so it won’t need replacing anytime soon!

SolarSpan® Insulated Roofing Material

Hot climates demand more from patio roofing, which is why we’re happy to offer SolarSpan® insulated sheeting. This unique product has the ultimate cooling technology thanks to its combination of roofing and insulation layers that create a functional, durable outdoor space just as comfortable as your indoor ones! Not only does this type of steel patio roof provide better cooling properties than other materials on the market, but it also provides noise reduction for an even quieter time spent outdoors.

C-Dek Centenary Steel

If you're looking to create a modern, sleek look in your outdoor living space, there's no better quality product for your project than C-Dek Centenary steel roofing. This material utilises minimal steel for an eye-catching finish that will not disappoint. C-Dek Centenary comes in many colours from COLORBOND®'s range and is versatile enough to be used on any project of all shapes and styles

Both brands have their own unique advantages depending on your home and patio. COLORBOND® steel roofing, for example, offers full sun protection and 22 standard colours to effortlessly match your home. C-Dek Centenary panels, on the other hand, have a very modern and minimal look and design. If you're unsure as to which brand is best suited to your home and patio, contact our team of consultants is here to provide you with an expert recommendation.

What Are the Benefits of Steel Roofing?

There's a reason why structural steel is among the most popular building materials in the world for commercial, agricultural, and industrial projects alike. There are countless benefits to having a steel Great Aussie Patio roof, including:

Aesthetic Appeal: Whether you're going for a classic or more modern look, you're sure to like the versatility in design that steel roofing can provide.

Toughness: Australia has very harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. Steel roofing is very resistant to fire, rot, and mildew. 

Longevity: The toughness of steel roofing allows its structure and colour to last for multiple generations. This is especially impressive in comparison to a common asphalt roof, which typically only lasts between 12 to 20 years.

Reflectivity: Steel roofing materials are very energy-efficient, primarily due to their ability to reflect heat rather than absorb it. This means you won't have to use your AC or heating system as much during the hotter and colder months. 

Why Choose Great Aussie Patios for Your Steel Roofing?

Since our founding in 2000, Great Aussie Patios has completed thousands of patio and roof installations for customers across Western Australia and have developed a reputation for our second-to-none customer service.

Our West Australian customers can rest easy knowing that we will always deliver a high-quality and structurally sound product at a price that won't break your bank. With our reputation, experience, and transparency, you can count on us on building a long-lasting roof for your outdoor area.

Get a Professional Steel Roof From Great Aussie Patios!

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