8 Tips for Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Area

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A patio or pergola outdoor living, dining and entertaining area is the ideal place to host friends and family in Australia, especially during the hot summer months.

A common misconception is that creating a fantastic outdoor entertaining area will need to cost top dollar. There are actually plenty of changes you can make on a small scale that can transform your backyard into the ultimate entertaining space.

To help you out, we have compiled eight of our favourite outdoor entertainment area ideas to help you create the perfect backyard hangout area!


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1. Mood Lighting

Lighting is one of the most affordable and effective ways of transforming your outdoor entertaining area space. Whether you want some fun outdoor fairy lights or sophisticated sconce lights, there's a wide variety of options to accommodate the mood and vibe that you're looking to create.

Why should you bother with lighting? If you're planning on hosting people late into the night, they'll have to be able to see! Especially if you're serving food and drinks - the party doesn't have to stop once the sun goes down. Besides, lighting will add to the ambience and atmosphere of your outdoor living space. Even some basic candles or lanterns can contribute a huge amount to the ambience of your outdoor area.

So whether you opt for outdoor solar options or fire in the form of candles, your guests will appreciate both the visibility of the outdoor area and the mood-setting.


2. Seating Areas

Having comfortable outdoor patio furniture for you and your guests is essential, especially if you plan on dining and entertaining a lot of people at once.

A reasonable amount of seating for entertaining in your backyard dining area might vary from 4 spots to 20, but the important thing is to ensure that you have a proper balance between seating space and open space. You want your guests to be able to spread out, rather than all being stuffed into one small area.

To avoid any potential claustrophobia in your outdoor entertaining area, add corner seating, hanging seats, a dining table, and other diverse forms of seating to keep things fun, flexible, and social. Don't forget to include some designated comfy chairs for your older guests! 

3. Fresh Plants

Patio plants, whether they are potted plants, decorative planters, vertical gardens, trees, or flower bushes, can truly enhance any outdoor entertaining area.

An undercover garden bed can make your whole living space and yard feel fresh, welcoming, and more immersed in nature. However, not all pot plants are necessarily meant to be kept and maintained in your backyard outdoor area.

Try ferns, ponytails, and bromeliads for around and under your outdoor entertaining area. We're confident you won't regret these vibrant additions to your outdoor space! 


4. Smart Home Technology

Did you know you can implement smart home technology into your outdoor entertaining area? There's a wide range of tech upgrades that can add more features and lots of value to your backyard outdoor space.

A smart sprinkler controller can allow you to conserve water while also scheduling watering sessions for your garden. Given how much plants and foliage add to an outdoor entertainment space, this may very well be worth the investment. 

You could also purchase a portable misting fan or a drink cooler for your backyard outdoor area. A speciality drinks cooler allows you to transport drinks and snacks easily from the inside out. You and your family and guests are also sure to enjoy a portable misting fan while you're enjoying yourselves under your outdoor entertaining area and the great Australian sun.

5. Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen changes its form depending on what kind of food you like to prepare outdoors.

The most popular outdoor kitchen feature is the classic BBQ grill, which you can have on standby for hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, and all your other favourite summer meals! You can also go a step further by adding a gorgeous stone pizza oven. There's nothing quite like serving a pizza hot and fresh from an outdoor oven directly to your guests.

Tend to think more about drinks than food when entertaining? You can set up a beverage station in your outdoor entertaining area by installing a bar fridge, a drink dispenser, and glasses. This will allow your guests to help themselves to ice-cold drinks when everyone's outside and having fun, which means you won't have to be running back and forth to grab drinks from inside.  


6. Patio or Pergola

Is your backyard space currently just a mound of grass? One slab of concrete? In either case, adding a patio, pergola, or verandah as a natural extension of your house can make a world of difference.

They not only improve the appearance of your outdoor living space, but they also increase the value of your house and protect you and your guests from uncomfortable weather conditions.

The best part? Installing a dedicated outdoor entertaining area at your house might be less expensive than you think if you work with the right  patio installation company.


7. Outdoor Flooring

Outdoor flooring allows you to take muddy grass and transform it into contemporary and functional flooring for outdoor spaces, which you can use as a base to build upon your design ideas for the rest of your outdoor renovations.

With the right company, there's a wide array of options at your disposal. This includes sturdy concrete, glossy timber decking, beautiful tiling, and much more. 

Patio flooring allows you to effectively update your outdoor living space with whatever vibe or mood you want, whether you're interested in down-to-earth and nature-oriented or fun and luxurious outdoor living.

Not sure which flooring to choose? Be sure to take into account your budget, your desired durability, whether or not the space will be used by children, and your environmental stance.

8. Outdoor Heating

Australia isn't necessarily known for being frigid cold, but everyone who lives here knows that we can have some cooler months.

That's why you'll definitely want to have an outdoor heater for your backyard seating or outdoor entertaining area. Thankfully, there are many different ways to heat a backyard open area, including gas heaters, fire pits, and electric patio heaters.

If you also plan on cooking outdoors, a pizza oven, fire pit or braais may be the option for you. Your guests will love cooking food outside, having some drinks, and catching up with thei

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