PATIO Roofing Options

Please select one of the following pergola, carport or patio roofing options:


Choosing the right roofing for your patio, pergola, deck or carport is vital to ensuring what’s underneath is protected from the elements. It’s important the patio roofing you decide on is of good quality and is installed professionally to provide the right cover which will last through all four seasons and for years to come.

Steel Patio Roofing

Steel metal roofing is no doubt one of the most durable roofing materials you can use on your patio or pergola. Steel will give optimum protection to your family and possessions under it. The type of protection steel roofs can give is especially important for carports and decks which is why many homeowners opt for Colorbond Patio Steel Roof Sheeting for these areas of the home.

Clear Plastic Patio Roofing

Patio roofing which is made of clear plastic like our SUNTUF Polycarbonate Sheeting is ideal for providing extra natural sunlight to our outdoor patio area. You’ll gain extra light while being protected from the sun’s harmful rays and the rain when the weather decides to pack up. If you want to add only a small amount of sunlight to your outdoor patio area you can also look to add clear plastic sheeting as skylights within your patio roof.

Insulated Patio Roofing

Materials like SolarSpan Insulated Roof Sheeting are ideal for the Perth weather as they are super practical for hot climates and they look absolutely fabulous. Construction requires no rafters or battens which makes for simple and quick installation and the polystyrene core will help to reduce noise from elements like rain and hail. Insulated patio roofing will give you durability, functionality and attractiveness for your outdoor patio or pergola.

Multicell Patio Roofing

Multicell roof sheeting like SunPal Roofing will give your outside patio that ultra-modern touch. This is the latest plastic roofing technology which will add incredible value to your home. Our patio builders will help advise you on the best roofing solution for your patio, pergola or carport based on your needs and wants. Fill out our free quote form below or give our friendly team a call on 9493 7115 today.