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The cold weather has arrived and normally this would mean we retract to the indoors and hibernate until the warmer weather returns. However this doesn’t have to be the case with a variety of heating options hitting the market to keep you and your guests warm through the cold winter months.

So in this blog we will look at 5 of the best ways to keep warm under your patio this winter.

Outdoor Gas Heaters

One of the most cost effective ways to keep warm under your patio is with the outdoor gas heater. A lot of these are portable making it easier to move them around outdoors and around under the patio. They come in a variety of designs and heights to suit your needs and with a price range to suit all budgets.

The size and height of your patio or pergola should dictate what would best suit your needs with the outdoor gas heaters. Some gas heaters are good for 20m2 with other larger style gas heaters providing better coverage.

portable gas heater under a hipend patio by great aussie patios

Keep in mind to choose the appropriate heater for your patio design, a flat patio does not usually have the same height as say a gable patio and therefore it may not be an easy task to move a full height outdoor gas heater, hence a smaller more compact unit may be best suited to a flat patio.

These gas heaters are a great to keep your patio or pergola area warm during the cooler months, the flexibility to be moved around if required and ease of use makes them a great choice for your patio.

Fire Pits

For those that prefer the warmth of an open fire then our next option may best suit your needs.

Fire pits and chimenea’s are very popular and are becoming quite common. They are available in various designs, price, sizes and materials, from steel, cast iron, cement and clay.

Fire Pit on Patio

These fire pits or chimenea’s can be portable or a permanent display to focus your outdoor entertaining around.

There is a difference in the atmosphere when there is an open flame to gather around and if you’re a fan of the wood fire heater then a fire pit or chimenea is ideal.

Given not all patios or pergolas will accommodate a permanent fire pit, so when looking at this option consider the space available to you. Keep in mind that smoke build up under your patio may not be ideal and the location of the fire pit or chimenea needs to be placed accordingly to allow the smoke to move away.

If you prefer your patio area to keep its open feel or you have a patio area that is not suited to a portable gas heater or a fire pit then this next option may best suit your needs.

Electric Patio Heaters

An electric heater or HEATSTRIP®  as they are called are the perfect choice, these slim HEATSTRIP® outdoor heaters are perfectly suited if style and space are what you are looking for. They offer a sleek design, discreet look and are easy to install.

heatstrips under a patio

Imaged Sourced via Heatsrip.com.au

There are various models which provide different outputs, so depending on your patio design you may need to have a few for a nice even spread of warmth throughout your patio. They do cost more than say your portable gas heaters, but their subtle yet modern design makes them an excellent choice.

The benefit of these HEATSTRIP® heaters is that they are out of the way, providing you and your guests room to move or sit and enjoy. These are an excellent choice if you are limited for space under the patio or if you are looking for a modern yet subtle patio heater.

Pizza Ovens & Braais

Our next source of warmth for your patio provides not only warmth but the option to cook meals.

Pizza ovens are a very popular selection for patios especially for outdoor kitchens. These are available as permanent items or portable and various sizes.

pizza oven under a gable patio by great aussie patios

Another option that is becoming quite popular is a Braai. The Braai are South African BBQ’s and are another great source to keeping your patio warm in the winter while also providing the option for cooking. These Braai’s can be built in units or freestanding if you would prefer and if you love the taste of wood fired pizza then the food you can cook in a Braai is nothing short of amazing.

“Braais are not new by any means but here in Perth they are becoming a very popular way of cooking and heating under a patio or outdoor venue. With so many home owners creating their own outdoor destination the Braai offers the comfort of an open fireplace and a foodies paradise.” explains Vaughn owner of Barbaco WA.

braai next to patio

Both the braai and pizza oven can release a lot of heat so thought has to be given to the location and size of these units. When placing one of these under a patio keep in mind that a flue is essential to keep the smoke away from the underside of the patio and your guests.

Of course both the Braai and pizza oven provide you with 2 options of not only a heat source but the ability to cook food. This is entertainment plus, the warmth of the fire and the smell of beautiful food will have you and your guests enjoying those cooler nights.

The pricing on these units will vary depending on the size of the unit you select and thought should be given to the patio area when looking to purchase one of these.

With all these above options any warmth that you have created are great for the immediate area or around the heat source but a lot of this warmth is lost to the cold night air.

Patio Blinds

However with our 5th option we have the ability to keep the warmth in the patio area rather than it being lost.

Patio blinds are an excellent investment for your patio area, especially as they will serve you more than just helping keep the warmth you have created inside your patio area. They will also be of use in the summer time long after you have put the gas heaters away as they help block out the late afternoon sun or the persistent warm easterlies.

With the blinds down in the winter the cold air is kept at bay and as such a heat source may not be required at all. With patio blinds you have the option to get the last rays of sun before the cool night air descends, or if it’s too warm then you can simply open up the patio area to allow some of the built up heat to dissipate.

patio blinds

As mentioned patio blinds can come in a variety of materials, styles and options. This is not limited to the actual blind material itself. Options for how you lower or raise the blind and options on how the blinds are secured to the ground or not.

Blinds would be the most expensive in keeping your patio area warm during the cooler winter months, however with the ability to control some of the weather conditions throughout the year patio blinds are by far the most versatile to suit all requirements.

Patio blinds have come a long way from the clear plastic, ropes and zips that would change colour or become brittle over time. Blinds are now ultra-modern, stylish, and simple to use, making any patio area look complete.

If you add one of the other options for keeping your patio area warm in the winter with patio blinds, the patio area can be kept warmer longer making your patio a usable space all year round and not just a summer getaway.

If your looking to replacing your old patio or looking to install a new patio, our friendly staff at Great Aussie Patios are happy to meet with you and discuss designs and ways to make your patio the ultimate outdoor destination.

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