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The sun is out after its hibernation and patios and alfresco’s everywhere are being cleaned and prepared for the beautiful summer ahead.

There is nothing quite like relaxing at the end of a hot day with an icy cold beer under the patio. So with that in mind I have put together a 6 pack of the best beers for you to enjoy this summer.

Australia makes some great beers and none more so than in Western Australia were we lead the way in boutique breweries and craft beers. So my 6 pack is made up of a number of West Australian beers alongside a couple of extras.

Matso’s Mango Beer

Living most of my childhood in the northern part of WA (Port Hedland), it was just 6 hour drive to Broome and the stunning Cable Beach. Now you can enjoy a part of Broome right under your own patio anywhere in WA.

Matso’s Broome Brewery has a number of award winning beers none more so then the Matso’s Mango Beer.

Image courtesy of Mango Lounge Bar

Matso’s Mango beer is a great beer to enjoy ice cold relaxing under your patio this summer.

Every taste takes me back to the north of WA and as I love mango’s it’s a winner for me. It has a sweet aroma with a taste to match. It is crisp with a flavour that cools your taste buds better than the Fremantle Doctor.

Give the Mango beer a try this summer or one of Matso’s other varieties, you won’t be disappointed.

Little Creatures Pale Ale

Perth is where I call home now but make no mistake Perth has great breweries. One of the best is Little Creatures.

It is located in Fremantle and has a range of beers to please all tastes. You can drop by to sit and watch the sun set over the Fremantle fishing harbour or like myself open a bottle of Pale Ale and just chill under the patio.

Image courtesy of philcook.net

The Pale Ale has a refreshing taste with a hint of bitterness that keeps your taste buds in a state of pure joy.  It is beautifully fresh straight out of the bottle but I like to enjoy my Pale Ale in a chilled glass out of my freezer and sitting back under my patio just enjoying life.

Gangster Small Batch

Perth life can get busy at times and my wife and I like to get away from time to time. We both love the Margaret River region as it is just a couple of hours way, which means we can get away for a day or the weekend.

One of our favorite places to visit is The Grove Experience. The Grove started as a winery but has evolved into a distillery and brewery. It is here I found a beer that I would have never even considered.

It’s a Stout beer called Gangster (love the name).

Image courtesy of Untappd.com

It’s a dark beer but with a wonderful coffee and chocolate infusion that is quite smooth in taste. It is perfect for later in the evening when the warm sun has disappeared but I quite enjoyed this beer at any time of the afternoon with the BBQ fired up under the patio.

Raging Bull

Staying in the Margaret River region it’s a dark ale beer that took me by surprise. It is not for the weak though as at 7.1% alc/vol, it has a kick.

The Boot Leg Brewery produces a beer called the Raging Bull, with a strong coffee flavour and a bitterness that finishes off with a sweet chocolate taste, I find that I cannot quite let the glass go as I want to taste this full flavoured beer.

Image courtesy of Inspiringtravellers.com

For me I quite enjoy this beer when the sun sets late in the afternoon as I relax under the patio and enjoy the BBQ dinner, it’s a great finisher to the meal and the day.

My last two beers in my six pack are imported beers and both have summertime written all over them.

Blue Moon Belgian White

Blue Moon Brewing Company is based in the United States and produces a beer of the same name, Blue Moon Belgian White.

It is an unfiltered beer which leaves it cloudy in appearance but has a beautiful orange taste that is refreshing and crisp that is also deep in flavour.

Image courtesy of Blue Moon Brewing Company

It is best in a chilled glass with a wide top with an added slice of orange to complement the aroma. Nothing says summer more than a chilled glass of beer with that hit of citrus. Give this a try under you patio this summer, it won’t disappoint.

Miller Chill

The last beer in my six pack is also from the United States and again it is strong in citrus flavour. It is Miller Chill by the Miller Brewing Company, it’s a beautifully light flavored beer with tones of lime throughout.

Image courtesy of Brianwetzstein.com

This beer is great especially after building up a sweat working around your home, it leaves your taste buds feeling refreshed as the lime seems to cleanse your mouth and wanting more. I find it best chilled ice cold out of the freezer with a slice of lime straight out of the bottle.

So that’s the 6 pack I would have ready to go when either entertaining friends or guests under my patio, it may not be to everyone’s liking or tastes but I definitely would recommend giving them a try at least once.

Great Aussie Patios Installer 6 pack

I was curious as to what the guys and girls at Great Aussie Patios would be drinking under their patios this summer so here is a quick 6 pack to consider also.

Little Creatures Bright Ale was a popular choice and a very close second was James Squire Fifty Lashes.

Coming in third is the ever popular Corona, the fourth beer in the pack was Pure Blonde, the fith beer of choice was Hahn Premium and the last was a surprise being Guinness.

Check This Out

If you love your beer, especially your WA beers then I would also recommend checking out Girl + Beer. Pia is a local beer lover who works in the industry and writes about it, very good read on some very good beer! For up the most up to date beer news, events and the best brewery locations in WA, also check out Beer Is OK!

Whatever your tastes in beer Great Aussie Patios always encourages drinking responsible and we hope you enjoy your patio this summer.

If you don’t have a patio and would like one to sit under this summer call us now or email us to get your free quote today.

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