Diamond in the Rough-Perth Patio of The Week

Perth Patio of the Week

In Perth we love our outdoor life and patios can bring the best of this lifestyle right into our own backyards.

Patios come in various shapes and sizes as I have written about last year. We have gone through planning your patio, patio design ideas, through to accessories and maintenance of the patio or alfresco.

On occasion’s we meet with home owners that have a clear plan in their mind of what they would like to achieve and what it should look like.

Noel & Annette were one such couple, both had a vision of how they wanted their patio to look. It was to be vastly different in every way from their old run down wooden pergola.


The initial quote was done with old pergola.


The old pergola and grassed area to be all redone.

The Plan

You may recognize their patio as it is now our current cover photo on our Facebook page as well as a small write up with a simple title of Stunning.

They had both laid out a plan taking into consideration the finer points such as the patio direction and layout, the shire approval process and knowing what was involved to how the patio may affect the home and how to best utilize the proposed patio for the home.

At the very start Noel & Annette wanted to use the space by creating and extension of the home that brought this outdoor lifestyle to their home. They had originally just thought of something simple and cheap, but this soon was replaced with a grander plan.

Knowing that their back yard was south/west facing, Noel wanted to include in the design a gable front to allow the morning light that a northern facing home receives.


North facing Gable.


When they met with our design consultant Eamonn, they set about designing the patio to incorporate Noels plan as well their plans for opening up the rear of the home to the new patio.

The overall design was to maximize the allowed space yet not make the patio feel like it was a shed.

With all the details taken it was all submitted to shire. They didnt have to wait long for the shire approval from the City of Meville, but in that time both Noel and Annette had considered if they had designed the right patio "as you don’t often know how it will turn out until it’s built" Annette stated.

However once it was all approved a final check was carried out to make sure all the details were as they wanted.

After discussing roof options and doing some research, their decision was to have the Solarspan roof. This is an insulated roof panel that certainly changes the appearance of a patio.

Both Annette and Noel are very glad they chose this as it has definitely made a change with the afternoon sun and any heat build up they used to have in this part of the home.

The appearance of the Solarspan also provided the look that both Annette and Noel were after with the inside now a part of the outside look.


New gable patio in solarspan.

When the patio was installed both Noel and Annette knew they had it right.


New gable patio both under and above with new french doors hidden behind BBQ.

The Finishing Touches

It may have been built now but it was still unfinished as the extra work for the concrete floor, electrics and blinds were yet to be carried out.

They also had an alteration to the house as a window was removed and new French doors were installed. This feature has really opened up the home to the patio and makes this new space inviting.

With the new concrete poured and all electrical work carried out the next step was to have the blinds installed and with all work completed it has really added to the overall appearance.

A few finishing touches with the furniture and Noels pool table complete the patio, however Annette is not quite finished as there is to be external garden placed around the outside of the new patio just to add another layer and frame it nicely.

As you can see from the photo's its quite a facelift and now an area they can enjoy all year round. We also have a video of the completed patio on our You Tube Channel.

If you would like to have one of our design consultants meet with you and discuss patio designs give us a call on 94937115 or drop us an email at sales@greataussiepatios.com.au.

Our friendly and experienced staff are ready to help you get the patio of your dreams.


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