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Santa Claus & Fair Lights

It seems that this time of year rolls around all too quickly, Christmas is upon us.

That means beautiful summer days with fantastic warm evenings, parties and family get-togethers all under your patio.

But when the sun goes down and the festivities are still young what better way to add some wow factor than lights.

Gone the days of the old bulbed coloured party lights, today there is a multitude of outdoor fairy lights and with super bright LED’s.

Various styles, designs, lighting configurations, battery powered, solar powered or wall plug options abound and then there are the colour options themselves. It can get pretty confusing very quickly if you're just wanting a simple setup.

So here is our quick guide to all your patio, backyard fairy lights for all those special occasions.

Fairy Light Options

There is a wide selection of lighting available today and all are a very popular choice for adding that little bit extra to your patio.

For your table settings or to add some extra twinkle in the background, battery operated fairy lights are just the thing. A wide range of styles also adds to their popularity from bunched inside of glass jars, inside floral arrangments to string displays. They are a great little option that can really add to the theme of the occasion.

A very popular choice is the designer fairy lights. Given how compact LED’s have become they can be incorporated into all types of designs. From vintage glass globes, hanging lanterns, to toys or specifically designed creations. These can suit both indoor or an outdoor application.

Want to add some real bling to your patio, then the powered string lights can certainly lighten up this area for you. Hung in rows, wrapped around beams and posts even wrapped around trees or tree branches.  They can certainly add some real light and add something more if you go a coloured option. There is no doubting the power of these small LED’s as they really light up the party.


With all of the available options for fairy lights, it pays to read the packaging. Some of these lights are specifically designed to be outside in most weather conditions while the others are more indoor or under permanent cover.

With these options come available power options. There are solar powered lights for outdoor use, constant power from a power point and of course batteries.

Indoor fairy lights don’t generally fair to well in the outdoors as they are subject to moister, heat and dust. So it pays to make sure you use the correct lights for outdoor use as they are more durable to these conditions.

Fairy Lights in Backyard

Where To Buy Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can be bought just about anywhere, from Ikea to your local supermarket or even online. Most hardware stores such as Bunnings have them and readily available all year round.

A word of caution when purchasing online, if purchasing from oversea’s some of these lights will require a converter to work if being plugged into a powerpoint. They can be included in some sales but not all so read the fine print and make sure that what you are buying will work here.

Ease Of Use  

With so many options available fairy lights are one of the most popular ways to light up your outdoors. They are small, light and easy to use. They can be hung, draped or just bundled up.

Cable ties are a great option to hang string lights from your patio or securing them into place around posts.

Picture frame hooks placed on tree trunks or branches are also a great option if you're looking to leave the lights for a long period of time.

When looking for a cheap but effective way of lighting up your patio or outdoors then the humble fairy lights can certainly light up your world. Be creative and make your next evening under your patio something truly memorable.

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