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With a variety of outdoor shower ideas to choose from, each design can be tailored to complement your landscape. Whether you opt for a simple standalone structure or an elaborate set-up complete with luxurious fixtures, your fresh-air shower will elevate your outdoor experience to the next level.

Let’s find out about the variety of designs available in our guide to outdoor showers.

Natural and Rustic Designs

Opt for an outdoor shower that utilises natural materials such as stone and wood to create a natural look that blends with your landscaping.

You can add accents such as hanging plants and vibrant planting in terracotta pots to complement your outdoor shower. This will not only create a calming space for yourself but also a habitat for nature.

Use raw textures and earthy tones in the decoration of your outdoor shower to complement your environment and create a calming shower area.

Coastal-Inspired Themes

Outdoor shower ideas inspired by coastal living are classic and timeless. Start by choosing materials such as weathered wood in natural or pastel tones to create your very own seaside retreat in your back garden.

Use natural items like pebbles or shells to recreate the feel of the beach, and add in plants that thrive next to the water. These can include tussock grass to add movement as it sways in the breeze, hardy coastal rosemary that thrives in all conditions and hibiscus with its stunning display of vibrant flowers.

Add accents like marine-inspired pictures, baskets made of natural woven materials and even sculptures of sea creatures.

Modern and Minimalist Aesthetics

Achieve a modern look by using clean lines and minimalist fixtures, paired with modern, no-fuss materials. Stainless steel, known for its durability and contemporary appearance, is often the material of choice. Complement this material with panels of clear glass and accents of poured concrete to create a modern industrial look for your outdoor shower.

Take your pick between tucking your minimalist retreat away in a corner of your garden or making a bold architectural statement, using your outdoor shower as the focal point of your backyard.

Keep your outdoor shower space uncluttered to maintain this clean and minimalist look, which is sure to inspire a peaceful and calming experience.

Tropical and Exotic

For a tropical vibe, choose bamboo-lined walls or plant up some leafy bamboo to surround your outdoor shower space. Complement this natural look with an assortment of palms, suitable for the backyard. Varieties include the golden cane palm with green and gold fronds and lush foliage or lady palm, which offers glossy, dark-green leaves and thrives in moist environments.

Add some tropical flowers into the mix, choosing vibrant varieties such as beehive ginger, heliconia and fire lily to add a splash of colour.

Finally, decorate your outdoor shower enclosure with bright colours to continue this uplifting and refreshing theme.

Freestanding and Portable Options

Freestanding and portable outdoor showers are a great choice if you like to vary your outdoor bathing setting or enjoy outdoor activities like camping.

Standalone shower units don’t need to be attached to walls or other structures and are stabilised by a robust base and vertical support structure. They’re convenient and easy to fix up and can be placed in a variety of different nooks and crannies in your backyard.

Shower tents can be pitched just about anywhere and provide privacy in a lightweight but sturdy structure. The beauty of them is that you can use them at home as well as when you’re travelling or camping.

Or opt for a simple portable shower kit that offers similar levels of versatility and compactness for use in your garden or when you’re out and about.

Multifunctional Designs

Multifunctional outdoor shower ideas are perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

You may wish to opt for an outdoor shower that doubles as a convenient changing area, offering plenty of space to bathe and dress in privacy and comfort.

Or if you’re a pet owner, an outdoor shower could also serve as an efficient rinsing station for your furry friend or their equipment, so you can keep muddy or dusty paws outside the house.

You may also find inspiration in dual-purpose shower structures with seating or storage options so you can relax immediately after showering or stash away pool toys, outdoor shoes and other gear. 

Eco-Friendly Features

Sustainable outdoor showers exemplify modern eco-design, blending functionality and environmental stewardship.

Rainwater harvesting systems collect rainfall and filter and cleanse it to ensure that your shower water isn’t contaminated by debris like leaves or bird droppings. This provides an eco-friendly experience in the heart of your own backyard.

If your garden is positioned in a sunny spot, consider solar-powered heating to make the most of the natural warmth. This means you will always have a supply of warm water on tap without using up precious resources.

Opt for water-saving fixtures to maintain efficiency and significantly cut down on water usage. Use permeable surfaces for proper drainage, allowing water to seep back into the soil and support the local water supply. Together, these features create an eco-friendly outdoor shower that indulges the senses and respects the planet.

DIY and Budget-Friendly Options

If you’re working within a budget, a DIY option can be a great way to achieve your outdoor shower dream. You can do this by repurposing materials like old wooden pallets or galvanised pipes for the shower structure.

Employ straightforward construction techniques, such as using a garden hose hook-up and a watering can head for a simple shower experience with a rustic vibe.

Creative solutions, like surrounding the shower area with potted plants for privacy or upcycling a large barrel as a water reservoir, ensure that your outdoor shower isn’t just functional but is a stylish addition to your garden too.

Whether nestled in the corner of a garden or standing boldly on a deck, a budget-friendly outdoor shower is a refreshing addition that beckons after a hot day’s toil or a dip in the pool.

Give Your Garden a Makeover

If you’ve been inspired by our outdoor shower ideas, why not consider a garden makeover with a new patio incorporating an outdoor shower?

Reach out to Great Aussie Patios to find out more about how a patio with outdoor shower feature could transform your garden and lifestyle. Share your dreams with our highly experienced and friendly team and start creating your dream outdoor area!

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