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Let’s face it we all like a bargain, you just have to look at the crowds queuing up for the Boxing day sales.

In today’s market getting a good deal as well as quality rarely ever go hand in hand, but does it have to be that way?

We at Great Aussie Patios warn of “deciding on price alone you will most likely find we are not going to be the cheapest. The common law of business prohibits paying a little and getting a lot.”

This does not mean however you cannot get a great looking patio while working on a budget. The advancement in the building industry with roofing products and steel is certainly adding to the scope of design that is now more appealing.

Flat patios have always been a mainstay over the years, they are easily the most common when it comes to either replacing or installing.

old flat pergola

But I’m sure more than a few of you have sat under a flat patio in summer and felt the heat just radiating around you and you swear it would be cooler to sit in the sun.

old flat patio

Or if you have lived with a flat patio you find yourself ducking as if you were going to walk into it. If you were like my family we had a pool table under our flat patio or table tennis and always hitting the roof with paddles or queues was a constant hazard, not mention mums humble hanging pots.

However times have changed and the humble flat patio is no longer just a budget patio, it’s now becoming quite trendy with looks to match.

There is still just the normal flat patio design but with new homes that have a high fascia/roof line the patio roof is higher and you don’t have that claustrophobic feeling. Now though we can add Skillion patios and raised flat patios to the family. Of course these designs have been available for some time but their popularity has really come to the fore as homeowners look for both looks and price.

solarspan skillion patio by great aussie patios

What is a Skillion? A Skillion patio is the reverse of the run of the mill flat patio, instead of falling away from the home a Skillion falls back towards the home. The benefit of this Skillion patio is that it opens up the area looking out from the home. This really comes into its own if you have fantastic views of the hills or the city skyline. Another added benefit was the with the patio opening up and not closing the view it helped add extra light that would be commonly reserved for Gable style patios.

solarspan skiilion patio with a view by great aussie patios

What about a raised flat patio, this is exactly as it sounds. It is a flat patio but raised higher to provide that extra height. The benefit of this was a cooler area especially when the summer sun is soaking through the roof sheets. Raising the patio up helped reduce the heat build-up so it felt a lot less like an oven. The extra height also allowed for fans to be installed without fear of decapitation.

raised flat patio in cdek by great aussie patios

When raising the flat patio above the roof it provided the home owner with 2 options. One was to infill this section or two leave it open. Both flat patio options skillion and raised  also provided another option in the allowance for a fall on the patio roof. You can now create a fall in either direction to suit your home or tastes.

Given the popularity of these flat patio designs and also being within many budgets it allowed for a bit more of a spend in other areas such as the roofing materials.

Roofing is important to the final look of a patio especially with flat patios. With options now allowing for insulated roofing (Solarspan),

solarspan flat patio by great aussie patios

polycarbonate roofing

raised polycarb patio by great aussie patios


multicell flat patio by great aussie patios


sunglaze flat patio enquire at great aussie patios

and C-Dek

cdek flat patio by great aussie patios

Each of the roofing products add a different appearance and feel for the area. Dependent on your requirements or entertaining adding a different roofing option can certainly open up the home. It can also change the feel with each type of roofing.

cdek patio by great aussie patios

As more and more people look for something different as well as keeping an eye on the budget, the friendly staff at Great Aussie Patios can help provide idea’s in design and roofing option’s to appease any budget.

If you would like to see what may be possible at your home please call our office or email and one of our professional representatives will help guide you through the process.


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