Perth Patio Of The Week In Mullaloo

Perth Patio of the Week

With stunning ocean views and Perth's fantastic weather, this home in the northern suburb of Mullaloo was only missing a place to sit and take in all this home had to offer.

Mullaloo Perth Outdoor Patio

The owners wanted something that would provide some cover yet wanted to keep the light streaming into the home.

With so much open space and large glass doors getting the right patio design was important.

Mullaloo Perth Outdoor Patio

In days gone by there were limited options for this option with a mix of polycarbonate and steel, an all polycarbonate roof in Suntuff or other premium poly roofing such as Multicell or Sunglaze,

However, Great Aussie Patios now have another option to offer homeowners wanting light and shade.

Our design representative met with the owners and discussed several options in both design and roofing choice.

Running through these patio options and showing off some of the galleries on our website our representative suggested a new patio option.

The new patio is the Sunroof patio, the Sunroof patio is made up of electronically controlled louvres which can be adjusted to suit the weather.

Leave it partially open or fully open according to what you want for light or shade, it even has a rain sensor to automatically close for when it rains.

You have the control literally as it comes with a remote, so with a touch of a button, you can open or close the roof on your patio.

After seeing this the owners knew that this was the perfect fit for their home, the ability to take control of how much light or shade and when it suited them was exactly what they were after.

Upon receiving the go-ahead from the owners our representative then proceeded to get the shire approvals required.

A few weeks later we had a building permit, the assessment was completed, the patio materials ordered and before they knew it we were ready to install their new patio.

While the patio itself is a simple design it’s the prep work involved prior to installing the patio that can take a bit of time, however, once it starts going up it comes together quite quickly.

Mullaloo Perth Outdoor Patio Installer

Mullaloo Perth Outdoor Patio Installer

The finished Sunroof patio looks great against the home and the owners love it.

Mullaloo Perth Outdoor Patio

Mullaloo Perth Outdoor Patio Installer

There is no doubting that this new patio option is a welcome addition to our already great patio portfolio.

A special thanks to the team at Stratco who not only supply the Sunroof patio to us but also for the help on the installation of this patio in Mullaloo.

Mullaloo Perth Outdoor Patio Installer

Want to learn more about the Sunroof patio or any of our other patio options drop us an email at

or call our friendly staff on 94937115 to discuss your patio project or to schedule your free no-obligation quote today.

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