Perth Patio Of The Week In St James

Perth Patio of the Week

Great Aussie Patios not only take care of all your residential patio and carport needs but can also provide a quality build for your Strata development, building project, local school, your sporting club or your business.

These units in the Perth suburb of St James had plenty of parking but their tenant's vehicles were exposed to the elements.

patio installation st james perth

The strata management sent through an initial enquiry and it was soon followed by an onsite quote.

Our design consultant met with the strata manager on site and provided a few design options with a goal of keeping it all simple but still ensure the vehicles were covered.

The final design was then given approval from the body corporate and strata management. It was to be a flat carport design with 2 visitor bays,  a single bay and a 7 bay section.

Our design consultant took care of the all the shire approvals for this project, in this case, both a development approval and a building permit application were required, both of which were approved and the permit issued.

The install team was on site early setting up, cutting the asphalt and laying out the beams for each bay.

patio installation st james perth

The Australian steel frame and post were powder-coated in Colorbond® Basalt.

Gradually the larger carport began to take shape as the rafters and edge beams were put together.

patio installation st james perth

The front posts were setback in under the carports to allow for easier access when parking and the extra overhang makes sure the vehicles are covered.

No posts run through the middle sections and this allows for vehicle doors to be open without the hindrance of damaging the paint on the car.

patio installation st james perth

With all the carports framed the Shale Grey Colorbond® roof sheets went up and the final part of the carports was almost complete.

patio installation st james perth

A few final touches as the carports were given a final clean up and were ready for use.

patio installation st james perth

This design also allowed for our experienced installers to complete this install in a day, something the tenants really appreciated.

The new carports are a very welcome addition to the units in St James and one that the current tenants greatly appreciate.

patio installation st james perth

patio installation st james perth

patio installation st james perth

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