Planning A New Alfresco Area for Christmas? Request Your Patio Quote Now!

Planning Your Patio

Why is now the time you ask? The simple answer is Time itself.

It’s the time it takes to get an onsite quote, the time to make the decision to accept, the time it takes to get through the required shire approvals and finally the time it takes to have a new patio installed.

All of this takes time and it’s time that can be your worst enemy if wanting your new alfresco area before Christmas.

It’s been Great Aussie Patios experience over the years that the lead up to Christmas is always the busiest. This covers the amount of calls or emails requesting an onsite patio quote to proposed patios in shire and the waiting list to have the new patio installed.

Unfortunately, some home owners leave it too late to make decision to get a new patio and it results in the patio being installed after the Christmas break.

This is not only an annoying prospect for the home owner but also for Great Aussie Patios as we strive to provide the best possible service for our customers.

How to speed up your patio build

So what can you the home owner do to speed this process up?

Start planning your new patio or replacing of the old patio now. Consider the area, look at options for design and perhaps what you're looking at placing under the patio once built.

Most home owners wanting a newly renovated outdoor area prior to Christmas want it specifically for Christmas, they have friends or family coming, or they just want it before the heat of summer ramps up.

What's involved in the process of hiring a patio builder?

If you’re not quite sure what your options are Great Aussie Patios has experienced staff that can guide you through this process with a free onsite quote. We can provide quotes within 2 days from the initial call or email.

Once our Great Aussie Patios design consultants meet with you, design and provide a quote its then time for the you the owner to look over the design and details. From here if you would like to go ahead with the provided quote it’s a matter of providing Great Aussie Patios a few details so that we can apply for a building permit.

Applying to shire for a building permit can take time especially if there is a requirement to apply for a planning approval before the building permit. This will depend on each individual patio application as determining factors such as proximity to adjoining boundaries, location of the proposed patio or pergola just to name a few.  The planning approval can take up to 4 weeks on average.

The Great Aussie Patios design consultant will be able to discuss this with you in more detail should planning approval be required. If this is not required and a building permit is all that is needed then this will reduce the amount of time needed for shire approval. A building permit can take up to 4 weeks on average, however there is the ability to speed this up by applying for a certified approval this on average is 2 weeks. Ask our design consultant to see if this would be a suitable option for you.

Once the building permit has been approved we can move to having the patio installed. However prior to this we will assess the patio design, order the materials for the patio and fabricate ready to be installed. This process will take up to 28 working days. (3 to 4 weeks) 

How long will my new patio take to install

A worst case scenario for time on your new patio 

is 3 months start to finish, however as mentioned determining factors with the shire approval process can reduce this time frame.

Some shires are quite fast throughout this approval process and most applications are done via 

online facilities. Again our design consultant will be able to discuss this with you and inform you of the best way to proceed throughout the whole process.

Finally the day has come for your new patio/pergola to be installed. Depending on the design and size it could take a day or a week. Weather can play its part in this process but overall your new alfresco area will be ready as soon as possible.

With the end of the year in the not too distant future the time to act is now, time spent now will allow you more time enjoying the new patio/pergola with your friends or family this Christmas.

For your free onsite quote call one of our friendly design consultants on 9493 7115 or email.

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