Want A Custom Patio? What You Need To Know

Patio Design Ideas

Patio designs are evolving with custom designs becoming more common place as more home owners endeavour to make their alfresco stand out.

What is a Custom Patio

A normal patio would be a straight forward rectangle or a simple square, but properties are being built in confined development sites or odd shaped blocks which can require a bit more thought with the design.

There is also the input from the home owner who wants the new patio and often after doing a bit of research or upon seeing a friend’s patio they can imagine having one that looks similar for their own home.

Nice rectangle gable patio in C-dek

At Great Aussie Patios our design consultants endeavour to take their image and create a patio that will suit their home. This means looking at all the options while working with what the owner had envisioned.

A custom patio can be made up of an odd shape, adding different styles of patios together, working with obstacles like swimming pools or landscaping and working with the owners to get the design they would like.

What to Consider


Simple patios are generally made up of patio tube (76x38), it looks basic but in the right design can be a better option as it takes up minimal space.

However on larger patios increasing the size of the steel to 100x50 or even 150x50 it can provide your new patio with a sense of depth or frame it nicely.

Post sizes

These are another area we are asked about frequently. Using a large square post such as 90x90 not only looks solid but it will also add to the overall appearance.

Twin 90x90 patio posts provide a solid appearance

Patio posts that extend to the boundary are also another option when building close to adjoining properties.

This will help keep the patio space open without having post directly under the patio.

Gable patio with posts on boundary

Not happy with steel posts then we can offer wooden posts to really add a custom touch.

Skillion Solarspan patio with wooden posts

Roofing for your Patio

Another area that can add to the appearance of your patio is the roofing material. Premium roofing such as Solarspan, Sunglaze, Multicell or C-dek can really make your patio custom.

Hipend gable patio in Sunglaze

Gable patio with Multicell roofing

Custom flat patio with Solarspan

Gable patio with C-dek roofing

These premium roofing products can also help with certain designs making it easier to work with in odd shaped areas. They can also transform the whole appearance of the patio from plain to the wow.

Custom Touches

Sometimes it’s the finer details that can add a touch of custom to your new patio.

Details such as your gable patio needs the truss ends filled in then adding Sunlite or Palsun polycarbonate rather than corrie or grecca polycarbonate to these areas will change the overall appearance of the patio.

Sunlite endfill inside gable truss

Palsun endfill on this Solarspan patio

The same again for a raised flat patio, by adding Sunlite or Palsun polycarbonate rather than the standard corrie or grecca polycarbonate the overall appearance is very different.

Custom raised flat with Sunlite infill

Custom touches can also come in the way the patio is designed to allow for future additions such as patio blinds, making sure that the patio is designed to incorporate these is a finer detail that can be over looked.


At Great Aussie Patios we use and recommend Colorbond. Colorbond also has a range of 22 colours to select from, from the ever popular Classic Cream to new modern colours such as Wallaby or Gully.

The colour selection is not always the easiest but it can certainly make or break your new patio. The colour you choose will add to the appearance and can be a feature in its own right.

Colours can be selected for almost everything on your new patio from the posts to the gutters and the roof, all of which our friendly consultants can guide you through.

The Finishing Touches

Finally once your new patio is built it is how you the owner put your own special touch on your new outdoor space. Outdoor furniture, BBQ’s or outdoor kitchens, the flooring, lighting, fans, TV’s etc can all add your own individual custom touch under the new patio.

In fact accessorising your patio will truly transform your new patio to be the patio you want and make it custom to your tastes and this makes it yours.

See our blogs on patio accessories here.

Get Your Custom Patio Today

Want to see what Great Aussie Patios can design for you, give our friendly consultants a call today on 94937115 or email us at sales@greataussiepatios.com.au

If you would prefer to view more of our designs why not drop by our Perth showroom at 1/15 Alloa Road Maddington, we look forward to meeting with you and designing your new patio.


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