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In the 15 years that Great Aussie Patios has been operating, there is one necessary evil we have to deal with daily - Shires/Councils/Towns.  

Perth has some 30 odd local shire’s and for companies that deal with these shire’s everyday it can sometimes be a challenging and frustrating experience.

New building regulations brought in by the state government last year to scrap individual shire building licenses and have one standard building permit for all has somewhat reduced the time this approval process takes.

This one application form for all has seen many shires’ make wholesale changes to how applications are now dealt with. This has now made many shires’ look to how to further improve this application process.

Current building permits are now to be approved within 28 days and a certified building permit within 14 days both of which is a vast improvement in application times.

To learn more about the shire approval process click here.

However should the proposed project require planning approval then most shires’ still have up to 90 days to consider this before a building permit can be looked at.  This ideally will be changed in the near future also.

From the past 2 years we have kept accurate data to show the average times currently taken for individual shire’s to approve an application.  (These numbers also account for planning approvals in some shire’s like South Perth, Wanneroo and Vic Park were planning is required always.)

Approximate Shire Approval Times in Perth

 Perth Shire Approval Time in Days
 Armadale 2
 Bayswater 54
 Belmont 15
 Cambridge 73
 Canning 39
 Cockburn 30
 Cottesloe 48
 Fremantle 34
 Gosnells 36
 Joondalup 26
 Kalamunda 25
 Mandurah 26
 Melville 23
 Mundaring 16
 Rockingham 17
 Serp/Jarrahdale 48
 South Perth 56
 Stirling 48
 Subiaco 138
 Swan 33
 Vic Park 48
 Vincent  55
 Wanneroo 38


We can see that the average wait time is around the 30 to 40 days.  Some shires are clear standouts in being much quicker than others.  (Hopefully you are in those shires.)

On a whole the shire process has improved and for their part a lot of the shires are looking at new and improved ways to help simplify this application process.

There will be times when this can be drawn out over a longer period due to unforeseen circumstances, but for the most part shires are getting better at their processes which helps gets patios approved quicker.

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