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With the ever-increasing popularity of compact residential living in metropolitan areas, the Aussie dream of a house onto a great big backyard has dwindled.

There are more units, strata complexes and subdivided blocks than ever before. Each of these properties has been constructed to maximise the most out of every little bit of space.

Often, these small blocks have limited outdoor space. If you have limited room within your courtyard but would still like to build a pergola, Great Aussie Patios have five designs that could suit your space.

It's important to consider that each pergola design is dependent on the space available. You will also need to consider what you want the pergola to be used for - entertaining guests, your own personal getaway, cover for your beloved pets, a place to store extra items or simply to protect the washing from the elements. 


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1. Gable Pergolas

A small courtyard does not mean all is lost when it comes to style.

A gable pergola is still one of our most requested pergola designs as it will provide you with the cover, height, and feeling of space you need without forgoing style. 

gable pergola in court yard by great aussie patios federation truss in court yard by great aussie patios
gable pergola in the void by great aussie patios gable pergola in court yard by great aussie patios

2. Flat Pergolas

The tried and tested flat pergola is one of the most common pergola designs in Australia. Flat pergolas are the most popular choice for those on a budget and not wanting something extravagant.

It is fantastic for oddly shaped courtyards or on the side of the home where all you need is a space to store extra belongings or cover your washing. 

flat pergola at side of home great aussie patios
flat pergola between house and garage by great aussie patios flat pergola side cover by great aussie patios

3. Pyramid Pergolas

A pyramid pergola is a fantastic option if your courtyard area is square. It will give you the height and style of the gable pergola but provide a more enclosed feel.  

Visually stunning, a pyramid pergola is a great investment for your courtyard.

court yard pyramid in colorbond by great aussie patios corner pyramid pergola by great aussie patios
all polycarbonate pyramid pergola by great aussie patios

4. Raised Flat/Skillion

A raised flat/skillion pergola is a very popular choice amongst homeowners, especially when a gable patio will just not work.

The skillion takes an average, flat pergola and turns it up a notch by simply raising it higher on the house side. Simply put, it is just the reverse of a flat pergola, but instead of the fall running away from the house it now falls back towards the house. 

This pergola design looks fantastic by providing extra height to allow natural light into the home while not being too overstated.

Skillion pergolas have seen an increase in popularity in recent years with premium roofing options making them more of a designer pergola.

raised flat pergola side and rear by great aussie patios
raised flat pergola with open frame by great aussie patios skillion pergola on corner by great aussie patios

5. Pergola Roofing

No matter the design or shape of your pergola, adding a premium roofing product will add value to your home.

Much like adding the final touches to your favourite meal, adding a premium roof option to your pergola will increase its appeal.

gable pergola in the void with solarspan by great aussie patios

Above: Bondor’s SolarSpan, an insulated roofing panel.

sunglaze pergola by great aussie patios

Above: Multicell polycarbonate, another flat roof sheet that is10mm thick and diffuses light.

flat pergola in multicell by great aussie patios

Above: Fielders C-dek, a roof sheet rolled from COLORBOND® steel that gives your pergola a modern touch.

cdek gable pergola by great aussie patios

Above: COLORBOND® Matt, a new range of colours available in super modern matte finishes. 

All these premium roofing options will add a touch of class that really can define the style of your outdoor living space.

gable pergola in c-dek by great aussie patios multicell pergola by great aussie patios
sunglaze pergola by great aussie patios flat pergola in solarspan by great aussie patios


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