Amazing Alfresco Ideas For Your Perth Backyard

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An alfresco can be a fantastic value-adding addition to any home. With so many alfresco and patio designs on the market, we’re pretty spoiled for choice.

At Great Aussie Patios, we understand that ironing down the specifics and finalising a design for your outdoor entertaining area can be a difficult and time-consuming process. 

In our 20+ years of operating within Western Australia, Great Aussie Patios have been involved in the creation of some absolutely amazing Perth patio, pergola and alfresco areas.

We are more than happy to share some of our favourite alfresco ideas and handy tips to assist you in jump-starting your alfresco design process and show you just what is truly possible!. 


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What is an Alfresco?

Before deciding on an alfresco design, it’s important to understand what an alfresco actually is.

An alfresco - sometimes referred to as an alfresco room - is an outdoor space that often appears underneath the same roofing as the rest of the house.

This is what differentiates an alfresco from a patio, as patios are typically extensions with their own separate patio roofing. While they serve similar purposes, these fundamentals are what separate them.

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The Best Alfresco Design Ideas to Add to Your Home

There is no shortage of ideas for alfresco designs, but we decided to give you some of our favourite ideas so that you can make the most of your alfresco and be the envy of your friends.

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1. Do Not Overlook the Space Available for your Alfresco

Taking advantage of Perth's great weather and our love for the outdoors is determined by what space we have available to create your ideal alfresco.

With more and more homes being crowded together on smaller blocks of land, there is no one size alfresco to fit all.

From inner-city living to semi-rural properties, Perth has a vast selection of homes and lifestyles to choose from, so when considering your new alfresco space it is important to consider the space you have available.

Getting the space right is key as this will determine light, shade and design. 

Don’t just look at overall spacing, either. If you’re looking at adding outdoor furniture such as a bench, you need to make sure you know how much bench space you want.

If you’re looking at outdoor kitchens for some warm weather cooking in Perth’s hot summer months, you should be considering how to place everything while leaving plenty of space.

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2. Decide On As Many Design Specifics As You Can

The design of any alfresco for your home has to feel like it is a part of your home and not an afterthought.

This means that you shouldn’t get an alfresco built without knowing exactly what you want from it in terms of design and functionality.

Whether you want to get an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor entertaining area for gatherings, or simply a small area with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit for roasting marshmallows, knowing your design is critical.

This is where our experienced design consultants can help, with years of industry knowledge of alfresco designs they can help guide you in the right direction.

Our team are experts at designing the size and shape of the alfresco area to maximise your outdoor space.

From flat, gables, domes or a full custom alfresco, each home has a character that a specific design will match.

Taking into consideration your wants, location, space, landscaping, accessories and other options are all vital to getting the alfresco you want.

hip raised flat patio by great aussie patios

3. Get the Right Materials for the Job

To coincide with all outdoor alfresco designs, having the right materials for your alfresco - whether it’s for a new build or more of an outdoor renovation - will allow it to feel more like it is a part of the home than an add-on.

Roofing materials, in particular, can add a further dimension to your alfresco.

Insulated steel roofing such as SolarSpan® or COLORBOND® Steel are proving quite popular as they can give your alfresco a sleek and clean finish.

Not to be outdone, polycarbonate roofing such as SUNTUF®SUNPAL® and SUNGLAZE™ have also become popular as they provide an almost glass-like finish. 

floating custom flat patio in solarspan by great aussie patios

4. Create an Exciting or Relaxed Atmosphere with Accessories

Let's face it, an empty alfresco is not much to look at. But this is why you can accessorise more than just the indoor spaces of your home - the fun begins when you start to add accessories to your alfresco.

BBQs, outdoor dining or lounge settings, lights, outdoor heaters to full surround sound and TVs, nothing quite brings your own personal touch to the alfresco like accessories.

Not all alfresco’s need to be modern outdoor entertainers, a simple yet elegant table and chairs set up may be all you need to enjoy a cup of tea and some quiet time in a place other than your indoor kitchen and dining area.

Adding outdoor blinds is a great way to make full use of your alfresco all year round. They can block out the cold winds and rain of winter and will keep your alfresco cool throughout the hot summer months.

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Contact Perth’s Best Alfresco Experts Today

No matter your lifestyle, an alfresco can really add that finishing touch to your home.

It doesn't have to be large to make the most of it and when it comes to design our consultants can help guide you create a seamless connection between the indoor and outdoor areas of your property.

Great Aussie Patios have a range of innovative alfresco ideas to suit various backyards, so why don’t you make the most of your home by adding an alfresco. 

For a free onsite quote, call our friendly design consultants today on (08) 9493 7115 or email us at

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