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Need some Alfresco Ideas to start planning your backyard design? At Great Aussie Patios, we have been involved in some absolutely fantastic alfresco areas created in and around Perth, so we wanted to share a few tips to help inspire your alfresco design. It can be 

hard to imagine how the alfresco will look or how it could even be a part of the home, however with a little help we can show you just what is possible and what to look for.


Taking advantage of Perth's great weather and our love for the outdoors is determined by what space we have available to create your ideal alfresco. With more and more homes being crowded together on smaller blocks of land, there is no one size alfresco to fit all.

From inner-city living to semi-rural properties, Perth has a vast selection of homes and lifestyle to choose from.

triple custom gable patios by great aussie patios

So when considering your new alfresco space it is determined by the home you live in.

custom gable patio with hips by great aussie patios

Getting the space right is key as this will determine light, shade and in some cases design.


The design of any alfresco for your home has to feel like it is a part of your home and not an afterthought.

This is our where our experienced design consultants can help, with years of industry knowledge of alfresco designs they can help guide you in the right direction. 

hip raised flat patio by great aussie patios

Our team are experts at designing the size and shape of the alfresco area, to maximize your outdoor space.

From flat, gables, domes or a full custom alfresco, each home has a character that a specific design will match. Taking into consideration your wants, location, space, landscaping, accessories and other options are all vital to getting the alfresco you want.


To coincide with the design having the right materials for your alfresco will allow it to feel more like it is a part of the home than an add-on.

Roofing materials, in particular, can add a further dimension to your alfresco. With insulated roofing such as Solarspan or Cooldeck proving quite popular and other materials that give your alfresco a clean finish rather than seeing lots of steel.

floating custom flat patio in solarspan by great aussie patios

Not to be outdone polycarbonate roofing has also become popular with various materials that give you an almost glass-like finish such as Sunglaze

double hip gable in sunglaze by great aussie patios

and when it comes to building you're alfresco we only use and recommend Australian made steel in conjunction with Colorbond® products.


Let's face it an empty alfresco is not much to look at. The fun begins when you start to add accessories to your alfresco.

BBQ’s, outdoor dining or lounge settings, lights, heaters to full outdoor sound and TVs. Nothing quite brings your own personal touch to the alfresco like accessories.

pyramid patio setting by great aussie patios

Not all alfresco’s need to be modern outdoor entertainers, a simple yet elegant table and chairs maybe all you need to enjoy a cup of tea and some quiet time.

complete patio setup by great aussie patios

Adding blinds is a great way to make full use of your alfresco all year round. They are great to block out the cold winds of winter or the rain and best of all can be used to keep your alfresco cool in the summer months.

custom gable patio in solarspan by great aussie patios

No matter your lifestyle an alfresco can really add that finishing touch to your home. It doesn't have to be large to make the most of it and when it comes to design our consultants can help guide you.

Great Aussie Patios have a range of innovative Alfresco Ideas to suit various backyards, so why don’t you make the most of your home by adding an alfresco, call us at 94937115 or email at to get started.

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