How to Enclose Your Patio To Extend Your Home

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How to enclose a Perth home with a patio.

Outdoor living is a key part of the Australian lifestyle, but many homes lack usable outdoor areas. Enclosing outdoor spaces is one of the best ways to make them more usable, and there are lots of great options out there.

From walls and fences to screens and latticework, putting in new boundaries can give your home a new lease of life.

Let's take a detailed look at how to enclose a patio. With a little help from our patio experts at Great Aussie Patios, you can create a new outdoor living area and take full advantage of your available space.


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What Is an Enclosed Patio

The term patio in Australia refers to a roof that helps create a shaded and covered area in the backyard of a home, flat or commercial premises. Patios commonly adjoin a building but can also be a standalone structure.

Outdoor patio to enclose a Perth home.

Patio areas often have bricks, pavers, concrete or decking, and they're often used for outdoor cooking, eating, and entertaining. Patio designs are almost endless when it comes to options, including the types of materials used and the shape and style of design.

Before we look at ideas for new patios, it's important to understand the difference between roofed patio designs and enclosed designs.

  • A roofed patio has a solid shade structure above to shelter the space. A range of roof sizes and configurations are available, with popular designs including gable, dome, pyramid, hip end, skillion, and flat roofs.
  • An enclosed patio is an extension to a roofed patio, fenced in or closed off with walls. Enclosed patios vary widely, from structures that resemble interior spaces to those with single walls or minimal fencing.

An enclosed patio is a fantastic addition to any outdoor patio. More affordable than a home extension and more permanent than a gazebo, it offers privacy and protection from the elements.

Depending on your current property, yard space, and budget, enclosed areas can be built in many ways. While they include sunrooms and domestic extensions built onto your home, they also include verandas, screens, gazebos, and carports.

Let's look at how to enclose a patio into a room in Australia. From semi-enclosed spaces to wooden partitions and decorative screens, the only limit is your imagination.


Budget Spaces With Soft Materials

If you want to enjoy the benefits of an enclosed patio without breaking the bank, soft materials are a great option. Good quality canvas can be used to segment different spaces, block out wind and rain, and improve privacy.

Fixed awnings help enclose your patio area.

There are also synthetic fabrics and plastic panels available, with opaque and semi-transparent designs influencing the look and feel of your space. Good quality outdoor curtains can also be used to lower costs, especially when they're combined with fencing and walled areas.

Soft materials work with all homes, whether you're starting from scratch or working with an existing patio, verandah, or carport.


Partial or Semi-enclosed Spaces

A semi-enclosed space is a popular configuration that offers the best of both worlds. This type of patio has one or two walls, so you're protected from the elements but still connected to nature.

Creating a partially enclosed patio space.

These walls can be freestanding, or you can use the existing structure of your home. Single or dual walls create the illusion of an enclosed space with greater freedom of movement.

A semi-enclosed patio is ideal for Australian conditions, as it balances wind protection with natural airflow. This type of patio is perfect for homes with large yards, especially those with unused exterior walls and expansive views or unique patio gardens surrounding your outdoor area.


Wooden Fences and Partitions

If a partial enclosure is not quite enough, you can add fencing, lattice sheets, or trellis work to make your space feel more complete. These materials can be combined with single or dual concrete walls, or you can install them alone for an open and airy structure.

Wooden screens used to enclose a Perth patio area.

Partially enclosed patio designs with fencing often have an Asian or Middle Eastern flavour, which is perfect for a cozy outdoor space. If you want a more organic look, you can plant out lattice sheets, metal mesh, or chicken wire with vines, vegetables, and climbing plants.

Traditional wooden materials look great anywhere, and they're an easy way to add relaxed and homely vibes.


Decorative Walls and Screens

Along with traditional wooden partitions, you can install decorative privacy walls and screens made from other materials. Popular examples include plastic, wood-plastic composite, and metal.

Utilising decorative screens to enclose a patio.

These materials look great in lots of different configurations, from single walls to cozy corners and fully-enclosed spaces.

These decorative materials look amazing and they also provide privacy and shade. For example, composite materials and lightweight metal can be machined in various patterns to allow light in and uplift the look and feel of the space. Decorative walls and screens made from cutting-edge materials are well-suited to modern homes, and they look great in patios, verandahs, or cozy garden spaces.


Speak to Great Aussie Patios About Enclosed Patio Options

If you've been thinking about how to enclose a patio into a room, you've come to the right place. We've been building patios and related structures for over 20 years, and we know how to make your space come alive.

Please contact Great Aussie Patios today for great patio and roofing designs in Perth and beyond.


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