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The patio is up and you're almost ready to enjoy, but now you are looking for some inspiration, to help kit out your patio.

When it comes to outdoor furniture, it may not be the first place you think of, but Ikea has a fantastic range that is sure to have you ready to entertain under your new patio.

Outdoor Patio Furniture


The essential piece of any patio is the BBQ and Ikea has you covered. With the Applaro/Klassen range in both charcoal and gas along with the portable Korpon BBQ, Ikea has the BBQ to suit your needs.

There also a range of accessories to make your humble BBQ a proper outdoor entertainer with storage cabinets and trolleys.

With the option to make your BBQ suit your needs it will allow you the flexibility to create an area fit for the chef or to be moved away without much fuss to get your patio space back.

So you can feed the hungry masses but what is a patio without an outdoor setting.

Outdoor Furniture

The outdoor dining settings available at Ikea range from the elegant 2 seater Lacko through to a grand 8 seater Applaro.

There are numerous table and chair options, including bench seats, bar tables and chairs, in fact, you can make your setting work for you and your space by being creative with any number of configurations.

With food out of the way sit back and relax on the outdoor lounge. With multiple options, you can create a setting to suit your space.

There is an option to match the BBQ setup too with the Applaro also available in the outdoor lounge. In fact, there are a number of design and materials that will allow you to mix and match to your heart's content.

Ikea has even made it easier by creating Series collections, with a stunning range each Series provides a great view of how your patio area can be dressed to impress.

Outdoor patio furniture


With the patio fitted out all that is missing are the accessories. Ikea has a great range of new season Outdoor cushions, Decorative lighting, and Organising options.

Even in the Series collections, Ikea has put together a range of accessories to dress up your patio and outdoor setups.

Dressing up the patio and the outdoor setting will bring colour, life, and add your own personality to your patio.

To help add that bit of colour why not take a look at Ikea’s range of potted plants. From small pots of Cactaceae to dress up the outdoor table or shelves to hanging pots and if you're after something a bit more Ikea even have larger potted plants like the Howea Forsteriana.

Add to this various types of decorative pots, planter boxes or stands and you can really add that greenery to your patio.

If you get stuck why not check out Ikea’s own Outdoor Furniture Inspiration page which can guide you in the right direction or even spark a new design for your patio area.


If Ikea’s range of outdoor furniture has sparked your need to get a patio give us a call on 94937115 or email one of our friendly design consultants at sales@greataussiepatios.com.au

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