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So you have your new patio, and you even have your outdoor setting - now it's time for your outdoor kitchen, to really set your patio apart.

With such great weather in Perth and our love of all things outdoors, it makes perfect sense that we set our patios up with an outdoor kitchen.

We have put together some awesome outdoor kitchen ideas and tips for your patio.

Plan Ahead

BBQ’s are simple, can be moved around when required and best of all they are available in all sizes to suit any patio space.

outdoor patio kitchen

Outdoor kitchens, on the other hand, are larger, some can be moved but some require power, gas, water to operate which makes moving them around difficult if not impossible.

modern outdoor patio kitchen

Plan for extra services such as plumbing in water, gas and electrical as most outdoor kitchens come with taps, sinks etc. Also, the patio and outdoor kitchen should be an extension of the home so when planning either the patio or outdoor kitchen keep this in mind.

Getting this layout right from the start will ensure that you have a hassle free set up.

Your Budget

Probably the most important consideration is what you plan to spend in your new outdoor kitchen. Some setups can be at the lower end of the spectrum while others can cost quite a lot more.

It can be easy to get carried away so having your budget set should make your purchase easier.

Remember to include the extra cost of the external services such as connecting gas, water or extra power points.

The Location

The location of the outdoor kitchen is important to create the flow for you and your guests. It is best to plan the layout of the area. Think about the space under your patio and where you would like to have the outdoor kitchen setup.

Consider your outdoor setting or lounge and what impact on space this may have under your patio. Just like your kitchen inside being able to manoeuvre between your preparation area to cooking and then to serve is important.

outdoor patio kitchen

Another point when considering the location of the outdoor kitchen is the sun and the weather. This is especially the case, should your new outdoor kitchen have a wine fridge or bar fridge.

You don’t want the summer sun beaming through warming up your cool drinks and making your fridge work harder than necessary.

Likewise keeping your kitchen dry while its raining will add to the longevity of your outdoor kitchen.


Just like any kitchen, there is often more that can be added to accessorize and this can either create more flare or be serviceable.

Items such as range hoods or flues are important accessories to consider as this will ensure the smoke from the grill or pizza oven is directed to outside the patio area rather under the patio.

outdoor patio kitchen

Patio blinds are another option to think about, as the patio blinds will enclose the area keeping the wind and rain out or allowing you to open up the patio for those great summer nights.

outdoor entertainment area

External accessories such as heaters, fans and lighting can really add to your outdoor kitchen. Whats a good outdoor kitchen without the music or a screen to watch your favourite footy team, all of these can really make your outdoor kitchen the place to be.

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens can really add that special touch to your patio and home. It can fast become your favourite room with no need to be a slave to your house kitchen and helps you enjoy the great outdoors.

For help with your outdoor kitchen ideas, and particularly if you're at the planning stage and need the patio designed first, give our friendly staff a call on 94937115 or email at sales@greataussiepatios.com.au

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