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The finishing touches to a patio can really set it apart and make it feel more like an extension to your home.

Nothing helps do this more than the right outdoor furniture, whether it is a lounge, dinning setting or even both the right furniture will complete your patio.

Great Aussie Patios spoke with Whitney at Urbani Furniture to not only see what their 5 most popular settings are, but also to get tips on buying the right furniture for your patio.

Who is Urbani Furniture?

Located in Wangara, Urbani Furniture is a family owned West Australian business that has been operating for over 5 years.

They offer stunningly modern styles that are normally impossible to find in Perth along with contemporary wicker and fabric colours.

With a wide selection of multifunctional models, they also provide matching wicker and fabric choices for all of their models including day beds, lounges, bar settings, and dining sets.

This allows the customer to create a look of opulence with perfectly matched settings, and tie different outdoor areas together.

5 Of The Best Patio Furniture Outdoor Settings

It is easy to see why these 5 outdoor settings are so popular in Perth right now, from the bright colours to the stylish designs they offer a unique yet versatile option for your patio.

The Olympia Suite

The Olympia Suite features a modern round style that is normally so hard to find in Perth.

The Olympia ready to entertain. Image courtesy of Urbani Furniture

Paired with the stylish colours of Urbani Furniture, this setting is a breathtaking centerpiece to any patio.

The Kuta Day Bed

This large and comfortable day bed includes two stools and a coffee table. This means it doubles as a lounge setting for sitting with friends and enjoying a glass of wine. The versatility of this set is what makes it so popular.


The Kuta day bed with cover an without.  Image courtesy of Urbani Furniture

The canopy is removable to create a different look, or to ensure clearance under your patio.

The Copacabana

The Copacabana is popular for larger patios. It has the function of a dining set with the comfort of a lounge.

The Copacabana is stylish and versatile. Image courtesy of Urbani Furniture

This set is perfect for entertaining because all guests can see one another. Like most of their models, it is versatile and can move into different arrangements.

It’s a setting to suit any occasion with the flexibility to create a different look.

The Infinity Modular

This lounge can move into an “infinite” number of arrangements. It is popular with customers because it can fit under any patio and suit any occasion.


The Infinity Modular lends itself to multiple arrangements to suit your patio. Image courtesy of Urbani Furniture

The sections of the modular are deep and generous and the thick and comfortable backrests make it perfect for relaxing under your patio and watching the outdoor TV, it can even transform into a day bed

The Lake Valencia 10 Seat Dining Set

The Lake Valencia is a hugely popular model at Urbani Furniture. All chairs and stools can tuck away, into a neat and compact shape.


The Lake Valencia is ideal if you want to entertain large groups but compact when put away giving you space under your patio. Image courtesy of Urbani Furniture

This is useful for saving space under your patio when the setting is not in use and keeping dust away. The low line chairs have a modern and stylish look that people love.

The stools can provide seating for guests, or can be used to put your feet up.

The Lake Valencia. Image courtesy of Urbani Furniture

Like all of their models, they have black and white wicker available, with a variety of bold fabric choices.

This setting also comes in the Brazilia 8 seat dinning set with a smaller table or if you have a large patio add 2 of the Brazilia sets to create the Empire setting.


The Brazila 8 seater, add a second Brazilia to create the Empire 12 seater for the ultimate entertainer. Image courtesy of Urbani Furniture

This one is popular with customers who have large families and host larger dinner parties outdoors

Whitney also gave us a few tips on what we should be looking for when making the decision to purchase a new outdoor setting.

Whitney recommends that:

“We look for products that can have multiple functions, whether it is relaxing, or socialising. Choosing products that are multifunctional will make the most of your space.”

Whitney also went onto mention:

“To think about your lifestyle or your dream lifestyle. Would you like to have outdoor meals and parties? How many guests will you have, and how much seating will you need? Buy outdoor furniture to create the feeling and lifestyle you want.”

It is the same advice we offer our customers when it comes to patios, to always look forward and consider how you best wish to use the new patio and design the new patio around this.

Choosing the right outdoor furniture to complete your patio can really add that special touch. 

The Empire setting. Image courtesy of Urbani Furniture

With versatility, a range of modern designs and colours, Urbani Furniture can help add the look you want under your new patio. For help on designing and building your new patio, please get in touch with our friendly team online or call us on 9493 7115.

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