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We have a core promise to build new patios within 28 days of shire approval.  It is a promise that is not easy to keep, and occasionally we fail.  Demand fluctuates throughout the year, schedules change, weather conditions change, staff get sick or take holidays.  They can be all genuine excuses, but we strive to be better than that and we work really really hard to keep our core promise.  

It is this core promise that drives us the do better, to push harder, to find better ways.  Ultimately we are in business to please our customers. We believe that our customers having their patios sooner makes them happier. (Hundreds of testimonials are testament to this.)

So when we say this, it is a key driver to our whole business operation.  Each department has a deadline to deliver, knowing full well a happy customer is at stake if they fail.  

We have a clear focus on happy customers and delivering on our 28 day promise.  It drives our business every day.  

Its not always easy, but anything worth doing rarely is.


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