The Ultimate Accessories for your Alfresco

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Just had a new alfresco installed or replaced? Looking to add some accessories so you can sit back and enjoy this spring and summer?

Let’s look at the ultimate accessories for your alfresco.


By far the most popular accessory for an alfresco is a BBQ. They are available in a range of styles, size, colour’s and prices.

No matter the size of the alfresco there is a BBQ to suit, and a BBQ is one of the best ways to enjoy your new alfresco this spring and summer.

solarspan patio by great aussie patios with bbq

Outdoor Setting

To go along with the BBQ you will need somewhere to sit and enjoy what you have just cooked on the BBQ. To that end you will need an outdoor setting.

gable patio by great aussie patios custom outdoor set up

As with the BBQ, an outdoor setting is available in various sizes and styles. The style of setting will depend on your own personal preferences but it should also take into account the area into which you would like to place it.

cdek gable patio by great aussie patios with outdoor setting

These are good and basic accessories to begin with but what we want is the ultimate in accessories for your alfresco.

Outdoor Kitchen

The ultimate accessory when it comes to cooking for you, your family or your guests under your alfresco is an outdoor kitchen.

These can be custom or purpose built to include BBQ grills and hot plates, pizza ovens, wok burners, cabinets and sinks to clean up or wash up.

gable patio by great aussie patios with built in kitchen

They can include a bar fridge a wine cooler and racks so that you and your guests will have no reason to go back indoors.

In fact there is no end to the options that you can include with an outdoor kitchen if you have the space available.

large solarspan patio by great aussie patios with custom kitchen

Outdoor Lounges

With such an incredible area to now cook, you will need to have somewhere to sit to enjoy that feast & cold beverage.

Trending styles now include outdoor lounges with tables or separate lounges with a separate setting to eat at.  Some settings can also include fire pits to keep warm in the cooler nights.

An outdoor setting size will be dependent on the area you have available and with both an outdoor kitchen and setting of any size planning will be required to make sure you have room to move.

gable patio by great aussie patios with outdoor setting

Purpose Built Outdoor TV's

The footy finals are about to kick off but with everyone outside enjoying the alfresco you may want to make sure no one misses a thing.

Now a word of warning, your everyday TV (flat screen or other) is not built to with stand the outdoors.

These are indoor TV’s and you will need to check any warranty before mounting it outdoors.

Having said there is specifically built outdoor TV’s or purpose built enclosures for a TV to be mounted outdoors such as can be found at Liquifi

Flat screen TV’s are great as they take up little to no space against a wall or can be mounted higher up with no excessive space required.

gable patio with tv

Given the advances in flat screen TV’s in recent years a LED TV is best suited for outdoors, this is especially true when the sun is out and the screen won’t be as reflective as say a plasma which is best suited to darker environments.

Outdoor Sound System

But when the big game is over and still you want background noise then a sound system or integrated system for outdoors is the way to go.

Systems today can be run from your indoor system when set up correctly, you can even run a sound system from an IOS or Android hand held device making it even less likely for you to go back inside to change the tunes.

hipend patio by great aussie patios with speakers

Sound systems and speakers are quite small these days and can be placed anywhere you may like.

Alfresco Lighting 

So you have the food cooking, the beverages ice cold with you, your family or guests sitting enjoying the big game on TV or listening to music, but as the sun starts to set in the west the night follows you, your guests maybe sitting in the dark.

Lighting for your alfresco should be included in your plans when considering the finer points. Lights are available in so many options, styles and designs that the choices are endless.

Add to this any other electrical services such as fans or heaters all of which put the finishing touches on a new or renovated alfresco.

cdek gable by great aussie patios

With so many accessories available for your new alfresco it is always worth considering the alfresco itself.

In many cases the alfresco is the ultimate accessory to the home and as such the design, colours and roofing options should all be considered, especially when wanting a new alfresco or replacing an old one.

One Last Note

Don't forget to check out our the top considerations when choosing your patio or alfresco and how to plan for your new alfresco area.

There is no end to the accessories available for your alfresco, it comes down to own personal tastes and style.

If however you are looking to replace an old alfresco for a new one or looking to build a new alfresco, call our experienced and friendly staff at Great Aussie Patios to book in a free onsite quote or you can email us here.

Ultimately when looking to add certain items such as kitchens, lights etc Great Aussie Patios always recommends using a licensed and qualified tradesman for electrical, plumbing and gas.

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