Trending Perth Patio Designs in 2015

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We are currently three quarters into 2015 and with summer fast approaching Great Aussie Patio’s is certainly seeing a trend emerging with regards patio design and colour’s.

Most Popular Patio Design

Gable patios are the most popular of the current designs and it’s not hard to see why. They offer the look, the height and can certainly make a small area look larger than it is.

Gable Patio design and bilt by Great Aussie Patios.

While gable patios are by far the most popular in patio designs Great Aussie Patio’s has also seen a swing to raised flat patios and Skillion patios.

Again as mentioned with gables the roofing options and colour choices is allowing home owners to have this patio design with a budget in mind but not compromising on quality.

With a raised flat patio you are getting height that you may have not seen possible unless you went to a gable patio design and with the roofing option of the Bondor Soloarspan for example you are also looking at a very clean crisp and modern looking patio for your home.

Raised Flat Patio by Great Aussie Patios.

The same again for the Skillion patio design, with a roof the falls back toward the home it can provide a very open feel and again with the roofing options available can still feel modern but on a smaller budget. Both raised flat and skillion patios are popular and are becoming one of the most selected patio designs behind the gable patio.


Patio Roofing Trends

With roofing options, a selection of skylights and endfills but also the colour choice available, gable patios are by far the most popular trend in patio designs this year.

Gable Patio with C-Dek Roofing Option by Great Aussie Patios.

Polycarbonate has come a long way with the ability now to allow light but cut out harmful UV’s which is important when families wanting to enjoy their outdoor area but are constantly concerned about sunburn through theses skylight sheets.

All Sunpal Polycarbonate Gable Patio by Great Aussie patios.

When selecting a roofing option we have found that the Bondor Solarspan and Fielder’s C-Dek are continuing their strong growth with many home owners wanting to enjoy Perth’s great weather and entertaining in their own home under a new patio. So when selecting a roofing option we do see a trend of those wanting to continue that feeling of inside to outside and both these roofing options in Solarspan and C-dek can offer this.

However the classic Colorbond corrie roof is still a clear winner when it comes to roofing your new patio. It will complement your home and as before the in new estates we see a lot more of the Colorbond roofing options on new homes vs the tile roof.

Polycarbonate roofing and skylights are still an option but there is always the age old discussion of light and heat. We are all seeking or maintaining light to the inside of the home but it’s a fine line in making sure the heat factor is not increased by adding skylights.

Gable Patio with Sunpal Polycarbonate Skylights by Great Aussie Patios.

Patio Colour Trends

Colour selection for your new patio is no longer just a straight forward choice. There are 22 colours available in the Colorbond range and with new estates popping up all across Perth from Quinns Rock, Ellenbrook to Piara Waters, Baldivis and Byford, there has certainly been a move away from the ever popular Classic Cream.

What Great Aussie Patios has seen this year is lots of earthy colours combined with a dark contrasting colour. Dune, Jasper, Surfmist and Basalt have been a popular and combined with Monument, Woodland Grey, Ironstone and Deep Ocean which are all very prominent in the new estates. Classic Cream is always a mainstay, however the older colour’s like Cottage Green and Manor Red are not all the rage as they once were.

It’s not all about new estates and modern designs, older homes getting a face lift or your everyday home just wanting to replace a tired old wooden pergola are just as much a part of the trending patio designs in Perth.

Great Aussie Patios can offer a wide variety of designs to suit your needs and budget and our well trained representatives can help you look at other options that you may not have thought of. If you’re looking for a new patio please feel free to view our gallery and also view our roofing options and if you’re still unsure feel free to call, email us or even pop into the showroom and have a cappuccino so we can discuss your new patio with you.

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