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We don't want you to ring us because we were the cheapest quote you got!  If we were that is good for you, but we don't aim to be.  We would prefer to offer you the best value instead.  You always get what you pay for in life. We know you have heard it before - and yes a true a bargain can come up in the right place at the right time - but generally you get what you pay for. 

You will find one man bands who will be cheaper than us.  You will also find bigger companies that spend lots of money on marketing that will be more expensive than us.  Marketing can do wonderful things at the front end - glossy brochures, amazing promises, fancy sales cars, even fancier showrooms.  But expensive marketing cannot fix the most important part of the transaction - the end experience you will be left with.   

Our ultimate final product of doing business each day is to provide "A great looking patio, built with high quality, on time, on budget with a happy customer".  Of all these things, we want happy customers the most.  Happy customers are ones where all the first things have happened - the patio looks great, we did it quickly like we said we would and the value you received matched or exceeded the money you spent.  

By being cheap it is very hard to provide value.  Without a healthy profit a business can't afford to do the little things - usually the most important things - very well.  Without a sustainable profit each year we would be:

  • unable to invest in training up new staff
  • unable to invest in training and improving our existing staff
  • unable to adequately reward our existing high quality staff 
  • unable to appropriately thank past customers who refer us work
  • unable to spend time and money on improving our systems
  • unable to donate patios to community groups that need and appreciate help
  • unable to exist and continue to offer our lifetime warranty on our workmanship policy

When choosing to pay a little it is very difficult to get a lot.  When you are making your next large purchasing decision, consider if the small cash saving up front is actually costing you a whole lot more in the end.

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