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Is it time to give your backyard a makeover? Backyard renovations are a great way to add long term value to your home, while also providing real benefits for you straight away. They also have the potential to blow your budget very quickly, so it pays to go in with a set plan and budget, for the best chance of achieving your vision, without breaking the bank.

Perth has some fantastic climate all year round, so it makes sense to renovate your backyard, to use it to the full potential. We have put together a checklist of things to decide on, before you get started on your backyard renovation.


Before you start any home renovation, you need to set yourself a budget. Your budget can be as big or small as you like, and you can even plan the renovation in stages, to suit your budget. For example, put the new patio in one summer, and then think about the pool in two years’ time. Or do the landscaping now, with a view to new furniture down the track. Whatever you do, make sure you have a clear budget in mind before you begin.

budget for outdoor patio


Whether you have a small or larger area, your backyard renovation should aim to maximise the space you have. Consider your entire outdoor area, including any side yards or small areas. It can pay to have a professional landscaper put together a plan for you, to make sure you have the space to achieve your requirements.

Passive Design

Passive design uses the environment to maximise sustainability. So, consider how your backyard renovation can improve your home both aesthetically, and long term sustainably.

There are many landscaping and garden design options to improve your homes’ sustainability, such as:

  • native plants to reduce water use
  • large trees and shrubs to improve shade and create natural privacy screens
  • water capture systems to water the garden
  • planting herb gardens and fruit trees for food production
  • creating a compost bin

Taking passive design into consideration in your backyard renovation, can help you reduce your energy costs, so it’s worth incorporating into your design.

Colour Scheme

Its important to consider your homes’ existing colour palate, as your backyard entertaining will flow more naturally through to your indoor space, with a similar colour theme. Any new additions can be adapted to blend in to the existing home, such as this recent patio renovation in Spearwood, which took into account the existing home’s colour palette to match with the new patio design.


A new patio is essential to help you enjoy your backyard all year round. Depending on the size and shape of your backyard, there are many design options, to get the best use of your space. Sunroof Patios are a great way to adapt your patio to the weather, by allowing you to open the louvres when the weather is fine or close them when you want to keep out wind and rain. We recommend having a chat to one of our Patio Design Experts, about the best way to utilise your backyard space.


Flooring plays such a big part in the overall look and feel of your outdoor area. It also varies a lot, in terms of durability, maintenance and price. Some of the main outdoor flooring options to consider, include:

  • Concrete flooring - great option for durability and low maintenance.
  • Decking – composite or wood decking looks great but consider the ongoing maintenance when budgeting for decking.
  • Paving – brick paving gives you huge variety in terms of colour and style options.
  • Tiles – whether you go with stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles, there is a huge variety in terms of styles and costs.

Visit a flooring showroom to get a good understanding of your flooring options to choose the best for your space and budget.


When choosing the plants to include in your new garden, consider where you live in Perth, and what plants work best in your area. If you live by the beach, you may want to look at plants that can sustain a lot of wind. Many areas of Perth have black sand, which suits native Australian plants. These are also a good option, to save on watering and ongoing fertilising. Check out our blog on the best plants to keep under your patio, for more tips on plant options.

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