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With winter settling in, our outdoor activities begin to move indoors or go into hibernation. The patios that we enjoyed in the warm summer months are now laid dormant as the wet and cold take hold.

Patio Enclosures Could be Your Answer!

Patio blinds are one of the best patio enclosures you can add to your new patio. With advancements in materials, design and styles patio blinds have come a long way.

Patio blinds can allow you and your family to enjoy your patio even when it is wet and cold outside. However, the benefits of patio blinds do not end there.

Image courtesy of Bozzy Blinds

With the patio blinds down you can block a lot of the cold entering the home meaning your energy efficiency for heating in the winter months is better. 

With the blinds up on those days when the sun is out you are able to warm the house naturally.

Outdoor heaters, BBQ’s or pizza ovens can warm your patio during the cold nights and with the outdoor blinds on your patio down this warmth can be held under your patio rather than escaping into the night.

Selecting the right outdoor blinds can add to the style of your home providing a design flare that creates real appeal for your home. If you have taken the time to design your new patio to suit your home then taking the same care when adding patio blinds will add that finishing touch.

Custom Solarspan gable patio by Great Aussie Patios before outdoor blinds.

The custom Solarspan gable patio after the blinds installed show a completely different look.

Another benefit of outdoor blinds is privacy. The humble backyard has been shrinking to the point that there is little to no room for a bit of backyard cricket. With the neighbours so close adding the patio blinds will provide that bit of extra privacy from your neighbours. It can also be a great way to dull the noise levels with the blinds reducing some of the fun times being had this winter.

An added benefit of having patio blinds is keeping your outdoor furniture protected from the elements. Wet cold and windy days can often leave your patio furniture damp and dirty. With the patio blinds down it offers another level of protection and it also means we no longer have to pack cushions or the like away.

Image courtesy of Bozzy Blinds.

The best thing about adding outdoor blinds to your patio is that it brings the indoors out, making the use of your patio an all-year option not just in the warmer months. With the ability to close off the patio with the use of blinds it truly transforms the humble patio into an extension of your home.

Winter no longer means we have to tuck ourselves away or pray to the weather gods for a nice clear winter’s day to enjoy the outside.

Image courtesy of Bozzy Blinds.

Getting the patio you have always wanted is great and the addition of outdoor blinds allows you to use this new space all year round.

To get an onsite quote for a new patio give our friendly stall a call on 94937115 or email us at sales@greataussiepatios.com.au.

Or if you already have a Great Aussie Patio and would like to see how outdoor blinds can enhance your patio give Bozzy Blinds a call and let them guide you through the process of turning your new patio into the place to be this winter.

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