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When looking to purchase a new patio in Perth, one of the most commonly asked questions is “how much does a patio cost?” It is also high on the search list when looking for patios on the internet.

New homes are popping up all over Perth but a lot of these properties are made up of odd shapes or angles as we try to squeeze as much out of a block as we can.

Back in the day, the good old Aussie home was a rectangle block sitting on about a quarter acre. Nowadays it is quite a lot less and getting smaller every year.

Some patio companies will provide patio roof prices and patio quotes on their websites, while others will ask you to provide some details in order to give you an estimate on the cost of a patio.

But are you really getting a true indication of the patio  roof cost from a company’s advertised patio cost on their website


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The Extra Costs 

Space is at a premium which means a generic or standard size patio advertised on a patio company’s website may not suit your needs and as such the price may not be a true indicator of the actual patio cost.

There may also be extras not included in the price of the advertised patio, for example, box guttering, polycarbonate skylights etc. 

Some advertised patios are for supply only meaning you are then left to install this yourself or hire another contractor to install the patio for you which is another extra cost.

The Fine Print

Be sure to read the fine print as some advertised patios may include shire approval, but this may only be for a building permit. If you require planning approval or another variation to the building codes you could be charged extra for this.

So the advertised patio prices may not be a true reflection of the final cost it may be just the bare bones of what it could cost if everything is exactly spot on. There are a lot of other factors that affect patio cost.

The Great Aussie Patios Difference

At Great Aussie Patios, we consider all of our proposed patios to be custom as it is very rare to have two patios of the same dimensions.

Patios can be designed for the side of the home, a courtyard, a pool area, or even the largest of backyards.

There are many variables that we take into consideration when providing our onsite quotes, however, we can also provide an estimate patio cost to give homeowners with a budget to work with. At Great Aussie Patios our estimates still include all you will need right down to installation.

Our Patio Prices

So how much do patios cost? Here are some of our most popular patio designs and their costs.

Gable patios are by far the most popular when it comes to patio design, closely followed by flat patios or variances of a flat patio such as skillion or raised flat.

If you’re looking for a gable patio off the back of your home and you estimated the approximate size at 7m x 5m it would be between $11,500 & $12,500.

One of our most popular requests is for a patio down the side of the home. Details can vary on design, length and width here but on average it would be 8m x 2.5m and raised patios are quite popular. So based on 8m x 2.5m our estimate for the patio cost would be between $5,000 & $6,000.

However, you do have freedom for patios along the side of your home such as this half-dome design. This patio cost is between $9,000 & $10,000.

Due to the smaller blocks and peculiar block shapes, a patio for a courtyard is quite often requested. Given the smaller area, usually about 3.5m x 3.5m, any patio design in this place can work. Estimated prices for all patio designs are between $4,500 to $5,000.

The above estimates include all of our standard options:

Still Have Questions? Contact Great Aussie Patios Today!

At Great Aussie Patios, we pride ourselves on our service, quality and performance. We are constantly striving to be the very best we can.

Our design consultants have a wealth of knowledge on patio designs, options and we help guide you through each step from the initial quote to shire approval.

Great Aussie Patios also offers premium roofing products in C-Dek, SolarSpan, MultiCell and SUNGLAZE™.

These options can be added to any estimate and as you can see offer a whole new look for any patio design. Other options to consider are box gutters, extra downpipes, pull-down and removal of the existing old pergola.

Estimates on a patio project are great to get the basics but to get a real reflection of what that patio project is going to cost. Give Great Aussie Patios a call on 9493 7115 or email us at and let us help you get the patio you want for your home!


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