Everything You Need to Know About Powder Coating

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Everything You Need to Know About Powder Coating

No two patios are the same, so each patio we design and install is custom made to suit. We have our own Perth based fabrication team and powder coating facility, which allows us to monitor the quality and finishes throughout the fabrication process.

This helps us ensure we only deliver the best quality, when fabricating and power coating your custom patio

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a dry finishing process which is widely used on a number of products. It has a durable, high quality finish, which looks great on patios.

The powder is based on polymer resin combined with other additives, which are applied using a process called electrostatic spray deposition.  This process uses a spray gun which applies the electrostatic charge to the powder particles.

great aussie patios powder coating

This charged powder when sprayed is attracted to the grounded steel making it stick. The final step of baking the steel in a purposed built oven cures the powder to provide the quality finish.

Why Powder Coat?

Powder coating is a high-quality finish, that provides a longer lasting finish than liquid paints. This added durability and resistance gives greater protection from scratching, chemicals, weather conditions, corrosion and chipping.

It will also generally produce a coating that is double that of liquid paint.

powder coated steel by great aussie patios

A further advantage is it’s environmentally friendly. There are no solvents and any waste is non-hazardous allowing it to be disposed of in landfill. Whereas liquid paint contains harmful chemicals which are poisonous and need to be disposed of, according to manufacturer specifications.

Another great benefit of powder coating, is once the coated steel comes out of the oven, it's ready to use in about 20 minutes. This makes powder coating quick and effective, providing the best long lasting option, for the colour finish on our patios.

What Colours Does Power Coating Come In?

The powder is available in a wide range of colours, making it suitable for multiple applications. At Great Aussie Patios, we provide all 22 colours available from Colorbond®. We can also source optional colours upon request.

oven baked steel by great aussie patios


What Can Be Powder Coated?

Any metal that can hold the electrostatic charge required for the powder to stick, along with the ability to tolerate high heat of the curing in the oven, is suitable.

This includes galvanized steel, mild steel, aluminium, stainless steel and most other steel alloys.

Best Quality Patio Finishes

At Great Aussie Patios we fabricate and powder coat all of our own steel, which allows us to completely control and provide the highest quality in the finished product.

This ability also allows our team to complete work quickly and efficiently, knowing we are always ready to supply more material, in the right colour, when required.

If you are interested in having your steel fabrication and/or powder coating completed by us for your business, please give us a call on 94937115 or email us at sales@greataussiepatios.com.au

Our friendly, experienced staff will make sure that your project is completed on time with a quality finish.

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