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Great Aussie Patio’s was recently awarded a certificate from the City of Stirling for applications made via the cities online services known as elodgement.

Since the creation of this service Great Aussie Patio’s has to date lodged over 130 applications, more than any other company to date.

This service provided by the City of Stirling has been up and running for just over a year and Great Aussie Patios can gladly state that we were amongst the few that provided the important feedback for elodgement from the start.

Mayor of City of Stirling with the cities planer's and represetative from Great Aussie Patios

It has been a learning curve for all involved both from us here at Great Aussie Patio’s to those working at the shire to install such a program.

The team at the City of Stirling made a point of meeting with us here at our showroom in Maddington from the beginning. 

We were happy to meet with them and to see if this was going to be of benefit to not only us but also to our very important clients, those who have purchased a patio in Perth.

His worship the mayor councillor Giovanni Italiano JP and Brett Woods from Great Aussie Patios with the award for most online applications in 12 months

This was a great opportunity to speed up the application process thus also leading to faster approval times. This was so important that His Worship the Mayor, Councillor Giovanni Italiano JP himself introduced a fast tracking of applications. This meant that planning applications were not always required if the application was within the required guidelines.


This was a great step in the right direction as it began to free up applications that were otherwise tied down for periods of extend time and now could be approved a lot sooner. Now applications are being assessed sooner and tracking of all applications can also be accessed by the customer if they would like to.

This elodgement system that the City of Stirling has employed is fast being followed by other shire’s and while other shire’s look to use the online process as a faster way for approvals it means that for our customer’s, future customer’s that we are moving in the right direction for faster approvals to build patios and carports in Western Australia.

There are still some shire’s that do not have this type of facility and are still using the over the counter or post system to lodge the required applications. This is still fine and some are quite happy to see this continue, however times and technologies are changing constantly moving forward.

 Perth is the fastest growing city in Australia according to a recent report, with our current population reaching 2,000,000 and still growing. This means more homes to be built and in turn a lot of those will also want a new patio or pergola to enjoy Perth’s fantastic summer weather.


With such a population growth shires are and should be looking to speed up the approval process for all applications and by setting up an online lodging service for not only the rate payers but also businesses to use can only lead to a streamlined efficient service for all.

To get the build of your new patio or carport underway today, give our friendly team a call on 94937115 or request a free patio quote here.

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