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Often you have to compromise when wanting to add a patio to your Perth home. You may want to have the extra cover but it can often come at a price and that is the loss of light.

Since the introduction of patios, we have looked to find ways of encouraging more light as well as cover and it often meant we suffered in the summer months as the heat would simply intensify through any skylight baking any poor unfortunate soul that sat anywhere near it.

We have come a long way since the first fibreglass skylight and flimsy plastic sheets. Today we have UV rated polycarbonates in a range of colours, shades and materials.

We are spoilt for choice and it can be all a bit confusing especially with so many differing opinions that we either read about, hear of or experience ourselves.

So what patio roofing options do we have today that can give us the best of both worlds and not compromise keeping the sunlight filtering through our patios?  


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SUNTUF® Polycarbonate Roofing

SUNTUF® is a brand of polycarbonate from Palram with a standard and a SolarSmart range. Available in popular profiles such as corrie, monoclad and grecca, they are well suited to include on your patio when incorporated with COLORBOND® steel roofing.

These will act as skylights and allow filtered light to stream through and encourage light into the patio area.

The standard range is the lowest in protection that is available, however, they are made up of a lot of the older colours such as cream, opal and bronze.

The light transmission is very high but also the heat that filters through these standard sheets.

The SolarSmart range is by far the most popular range that we use and recommend it for great reasons.

The filtered light is less than the standard range but the heat transmission is far superior and all are rated at 99.9% UV.

They also possess anti-glare and are extremely strong to withstand most of what Perth’s weather can throw at them.

Adding these sheets to your patio can be a great option for maintaining some light under your patio and to your home.

While these polycarbonate roofing sheets are great for everyday patios designs what if you want a more premium-looking patio with a roof to match?

SUNPAL® MultiCell/Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing

This polycarbonate roofing product is also from Palram and somewhat revolutionised the patio market with its flat finish and ability to suit a wide range of patio designs.

The Multiwall or Multicell panel is 600mm wide and 10mm thick and made up of multiple cells. It's this construction that provides great thermal insulation, strength and light transmission.

It is a sleek modern style roofing that is offered in a range of colours but it was the SolarSmart range that proved to be a winner with those that chose to do their patios in this roofing material.

It was such a versatile product that it has been used by architects on buildings, sports stadiums and locally here in Perth with the Kelmscott train station using it as a side cover.

Great Aussie Patios has used MultiCell on dome patios to flat patios and it is simply a great roofing option for filtering the light into the patio area, the home and keeping out the harmful UV.

SUNPAL® Sunlite Polycarbonate Endfill

Similar to the MultiWall/MultiCell, this polycarbonate sheeting is also 10mm thick but unlike the multicell sheet, the SUNPAL® Sunlite is only a single cell.

Unlike others though Great Aussie Patios does not utilise the Sunlite in roofing, however, we have found it to be a great way to infill the ends of trusses, the sides of patios and even use it as a privacy screen.

It provides a great finish, looks modern and is a great way to finish off a patio rather than a corrie or monoclad roofing sheet.

It still offers 99.9% UV protection, great light and durability but it’s the finished appearance that makes this polycarbonate a real winner with our customers.

Still wanting the ultimate in gaining the light to your patio and home?

SUNGLAZE™ Polycarbonate Roofing

Very few roofing products if any come close to glass. Let's face it glass is perfect in its light transmission to the point where we tint it on our cars, the office windows even our homes to help cut out the heat and light when it all gets too much.

SUNGLAZE™, however, is a great replica of a glass sheet but without the cons of being extremely heavy, shattering or cracking and extremely expensive. It is 4mm thick at 800mm wide giving it all the characteristics of a glass sheet.

Offered in the SolarSmart colours with 99.9% UV protection, SUNGLAZE™ is the ultimate polycarbonate sheeting for your patio.

The light that filters through is fantastic and due to its shading coefficiency, it makes your patio a great place to sit and enjoy the outside of your home.

SUNGLAZE™ is also well suited to all patio designs no matter the size, it is the premium of all polycarbonate roofing and it's this that can sometimes put it outside of select budgets.

However, there is a new polycarbonate sheet that is set to offer this glass-like finish at an even better price.

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There are arguments for and against adding skylights or having the whole patio in polycarbonate roofing. It’s the compromise we have to make when adding a patio to our home as any new addition will darken up the home.

This is where our design representatives can help guide you in the right direction to get the best out of your new patio, offering you advice on all the skylight options and roofing products.

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