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Its only early in 2018 but already we are seeing a trend in patio designs. Going back a few months into late 2017 the patio landscape was no longer dominated by the gable patio or flat patio options.

Homeowners were looking for something different and as it usually does what was out of style soon becomes the in thing.

So what is the patio landscape looking like for 2018?

Raised Flat Roof Patios

This simple yet modern take on the humble flat patio became extremely popular late in 2017.

raised flat patio with fly over by great aussie patios

It's easy to see why it has become quite popular, with an extra height that you would normally get in a gable and it's quite open.

raised flat patio in colorbond by great aussie patios

Add any of the premium roofing options such as Solarspan, Cdek, Multicell or Colorbond and the raised flat patio looks quite modern.

raised flat patio in sunglaze by great aussie patios

A raised flat patio offers both shade and light thanks to the rise or fall of the patio. With various design options, it has seen an increase in popularity and will continue to do so well into 2018.

Skillion Roof Patios

A skillion patio is the reverse of a flat patio. A flat patio falls away from the home, while a skillion patio falls back toward the home.

skillion patio in colorbond steel by great aussie patios

Skillion patios are very popular due to the open nature that can create an abundance of light that filters back into the home. It can be raised also allowing extra height at the house if needed.

Skillions are a great choice for those who like to look out to a view of the garden, pool or 

skillion patio in solarspan by great aussie patios

perhaps if your lucky enough to have a property in the Perth hills a skillion patio can open up the spectacular view of the hills or the city.

skillion patio with a view


Gable Patios

The gable patio just looks good and is still one of the most requested patio designs.

gable patio with steel and poly roof by great aussie patios

It suits all homes and it can make your new covered area feel more homely due to its pitched design. 

The gable truss design also opens up the ability to create a number of different designs to suit your homes such as a truss in truss, a cut truss or a hipped gable just like your house roof.

multicell gable patio by great aussie patios

A gable patio can allow for extra options such as fans or lighting that are mounted higher up in the ridge. The premium roofing options create an area that is modern with clean classic lines and makes your patio are a space to be used all year round.

gable patio in cdek roofing by great aussie patios

Custom Patio Roofing

Perth's ever-changing landscape can throw up some challenges when it comes to patios. Homes are larger, blocks smaller and then there are just odd shape properties.

custom gable and flat by great aussie patios

This is where our experienced design consultants can really show you what is possible.

custom frame patio by great aussie patios

With an array of designs available, it pays to sometimes think outside of the box.  

custom sunglaze hip patio by great aussie patios

As Perth continues to expand so to will custom patios.


Getting the right patio design for your home will really make all the difference. Helping you with that decision is what our experienced staff pride themselves on.

To speak with one of our friendly team members for a free no obligation quote call us on 94937115 or you can email at

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