SolarSpan® - Is Insulated Roofing Worth It?

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SolarSpan® insulated roofing has been around now for a number of years and has grown in popularity amongst homeowners looking to create an all year round outdoor living space.

In the time I have been at Great Aussie Patios, SolarSpan® has fast become the roofing of choice for new patios in Perth.

What is SolarSpan®?

SolarSpan® is a three-layered insulated roof panel that consists of two layers of COLORBOND® steel laminated to a high-performing polystyrene core. Its high level of strength and durability makes it ideal for Australian patios, pergolas, carports, verandas, decks, garages and homes. 

What Are the Benefits of SolarSpan®?

  • Blocks Heat - SolarSpan's high performing polystyrene core provides efficient, long-lasting insulation and comfort below.
  • Quick Installation Saves Money - The simple, quick, modular design of SolarSpan® reduces overall build time. The savings that you would have paid for extra manual labour are then passed on to you.
  • Adds Value - SolarSpan® is an affordable way to breathe new life into your outdoor area and add value to your home.
  • Deadens Noise - The high performing polystyrene core helps to reduce noise from rain and hail.
  • Low Maintenance - SolarSpan's COLORBOND® steel roof and ceiling gives a long-lasting, easy to clean finish.
  • Strength - Unlike a single skin patio roof, SolarSpan's strength allows owners to walk on it for maintenance or to retrieve the occasional stray ball.
  • Simple Construction - No rafters or battens are required. 
  • Guaranteed 10 Year Warranty - SolarSpan® provides you with peace of mind offering a 10 year written warranty on your panel.
  • Versatility - SolarSpan® is utilised for patios, enclosed extensions, carports, and for a variety of other shaded structures.
  • Comfortable - Day or night, winter or summer, be comfortable all year round in your outdoor living area with SolarSpan®.
  • Design - SolarSpan® has 9 unique colours available. Each colour has been handpicked with the support of BlueScope Steel to provide you with best possible level of thermal performance. 

Patio Designs in SolarSpan®

Since Great Aussie Patios began working with and designing patios using Solarspan®, the various styles have grown to incorporate flat patios right through to hipend gables and custom patios.

Flat & Skillion Patios

Great Aussie Patios started out utilising SolarSpan® on simple flat patios. For such a simple patio design, we immediately saw the benefits. Not only do the insulated panels reduce heat levels, but they create a seamless transition from the inside of a home to the outside.

From there we upped the design to include skillion patios and raised flat patios. The skillion patio was already a crowd favourite due to its open design and ability to allow light to enter the home. The addition of SolarSpan® made the skillion an instantaneous hit. Even raised flat patios started to see an increase in popularity due to SolarSpan® providing it with a clean and sharp appearance.

Gable Patios

Gable patios were always very popular and were known for its ability to create space. The introduction of SolarSpan® lifted the gable patio to brand new heights as it was transformed into a whole new look.

Its design became nothing short of stunning, providing an immediate visual impact whilst simultaneously providing insulation benefits all year round.

Hipend & Pyramid Patios

Hipend patios with SolarSpan® roofing are a cut above the rest. Their elegant and sophisticated design is guaranteed to improve the aesthetics of any outdoor space.

Hipend gable patios create the illusion that your home has an additional room. This becomes even more true when you start adding outdoor furniture to complement your patio and home.

Hipend or pyramid patios already have that 'wow' factor, but SolarSpan® turns the volume right up.

Custom Patios

Custom patio designs are on the rise, mainly due to more new homes being built on odd-shaped blocks. In these homes, we often come across many abstract angles that a rectangle patio would not suit or fit.

SolarSpan® can still be used in these designs, turning a space that looked bare into a place to relax or entertain.

Is Solarspan® Worth It?

At Great Aussie Patios, we and many of our customers, past and present, certainly think so. It has the looks, style and finish that so many want for their own patio.

Since it already has incredible insulation properties, once your patio has been built you won't need to pay extra for builders to insulate it.

SolarSpan® is highly versatile and is very effective at creating an illusion of space. Simply put, it is the easiest and most attractive way to make your patio stand out from the rest.

With added LED lighting that has been specifically designed for SolarSpan®, you can really create a seamless transition from the inside to outside.

If you love the look of SolarSpan® or want to know more, give our friendly staff a call at Great Aussie Patios on (08) 9493 7115, request a quote online or email us at

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