Solarspan, Is it Worth It?

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Solarspan® insulated roofing has been around now for a number of years. It has grown in popularity amongst home owners looking to create an all year round outdoor living space.

In the time I have been at Great Aussie Patios Solarspan® has fast become the roofing of choice for new patios in Perth.

What Is Solarspan®

Solarspan® is an insulated roof panel that is made in Australian. Most commonly sold in the 50mm thickness, it is however available in 75mm and 100mm.

It is a 3 layered system with the insulation sandwiched between Colorbond® steel. It’s a very versatile product lending itself to patios and carports that will allow you protect your loved ones or your pride and joy.

Patio Designs in Solarspan®

Since Great Aussie Patios began working with and designing patios in Solarspan®, the various styles have grown to incorporate not only flat patios but right through to hipend gables or custom patios.

Flat & Skillion Patios

It started out as simple flat patios which were a huge improvement given the ceiling finish in smooth or elegance that complements any home.

The benefit for such a simple patio was provided with the insulated panel not allowing any heat soak through and the bonus was it gave the appearance that your inside had carried through outside.

From there we upped the design to include Skillion patios and raised flat patios.

The Skillion design has become quite popular with its open views and its raking design that also allowed light to enter the home.

Add Solarspan® to this and it was a hit straight away, the Skillion had become trendy due to its looks. Even Raised Flat patios started to see an increase due to the Solarspan® providing a clean and sharp appearance.

Gable Patios

Gable patios were always quite popular but with the introduction of Solarspan® it took on a whole new look.

The gable patio provides more height, space and style and with the introduction of Solarspan® the transformation gave it a wow factor. Sometimes patios can be likened to sheds but with Solarspan® the appearance is anything but a shed.

The lift in looks the Solarspan® provides in a gable patio are nothing short of stunning. It provides immediate impact and you will notice the benefits all year round.

Hipend & Pyramid Patios

Hipend patios with Solarspan® roofing are a cut above. They are a beautiful looking patio and complement any home.

The sense a hipend gable patio provides is the feeling that the home has an extra room. This is especially true when you start adding outdoor furniture to complement the patio as well as the home.

Hipend or pyramid patios really have that wow factor but Solarspan® turns the volume right up.

Custom Patios

Custom patio designs are on the rise mainly due to odd shaped blocks and new homes built to suit. This at times can leave all sorts of angles that a rectangle patio would not suit or even fit.

Solarspan® can still be used in these designs, turning a space that looked bare into a place to relax or entertain.

Is It Worth It

I think it is and many of our customers past and present certainly think so. It has the looks, style and finish many want for their own patio.

It is already insulated thus no extra quotes or builders to insulate the patio once built. It is versatile and creates a sense of space. The best thing about Solarspan® is it is simple and attractive making your patio stand out from the rest.

Solarspan® in any patio design or style certainly adds another level with the smooth lines and clean finish.

With added LED lighting that has been specifically designed for Solarspan® you can really give your patio that feel the inside of your home has come outside.

Like the look of Solarspan® or want to know more, give our friendly staff a call at Great Aussie Patios on 94937115 or request a quote online or email us at

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