What to Look for When Choosing Your Patio Builder

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With a variety of Patio companies in Perth to choose from it can be quite daunting to try and find the perfect company to ensure your new patio is right.

So what should you be looking for when you start your search for a new patio? Here is a quick guide to help navigate through the most important factors.

A Website

Might sound straight forward enough, however, we now have multiple social media outlets such as Facebook, Pintrest and Instagram that can be used by one man teams or your local handyman too.

There is nothing wrong with using these social media outlets as your larger companies will also employee these avenues to increase their chances of being seen,

but working in conjunction with a good website that can be easier to read and follow then just teasers or small snippets of information on social media.

Most Patio companies will have a well laid out website with photo galleries, brochures, and useful information about the company themselves. A professional website will also offer details on patio products and news such as blogs.

Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews are a great source to view how a company performs. More and more people do online research not only into what they want to purchase but also about the company they want to use.

Being able to read others experiences with a company online can be of a real benefit especially when it can involve adding value to your home such as a patio.

Company’s testimonials can often be found on their website and just like reviews are a great source of information on how they company performed throughout.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+ to name just a few are avenues for you to research potential companies. These outlets can be just as vital as their website. They can show you what the company is doing today, tomorrow or yesterday. 

Not only can you view their content but also interact and ask specific questions for your needs.

News & Blogs

Most companies will have a dedicated page on their website to news or blogs. Blogs are articles about all various topics relating back to what the company specialises in such as patios.

A company can use blogs to provide helpful information on a specific topic or just news about certain products they use. These can be a helpful guide when wanting to research patio designs, accessories and other information.

Their Products

Frequently asked questions often involve queries about a patio company’s products.  Being able to see what steel they use such as Australian steel or imported steel. Other products include roofing materials and colours available.

A quick search for a company’s links on their website will often show their major suppliers such their steel supplier. Other links may show other options for accessories that have been used on patios or that they recommend for your new patio.

A Welcoming Face

You can endlessly research a patio builder on the web, look at photos, read others experiences and download a mountain of brochures.

However to get a real feel for a patio company you need look no further than a welcoming face. With a visit to their showroom or have a representative meet you in the comfort of your own home it allows you to get to know the company directly and personably. 

If they are coming to your home did they call to confirm, are they on time, how are they dressed and did they make you feel comfortable. All of these small things can show how a company may perform behind the scenes.

Choosing a patio builder should be a pleasant experience, not one that feels like a chore. In turn, the company should also provide you with confidence in their service and quality. 

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