Why You Should Get a New Patio

Planning Your Patio

We live in a time when time itself is hard to come by. It becomes a balancing act, between short term fixes to cut costs, and making the long term investment in an upgrade or replacement.

This can often be seen in backyards all around Perth and even in front yards too. With all types of structures added to provide shade, prevent the wet weather or just to provide some sort of cover for a vehicle.


The best time to get a new patio or carport is right now. With winter fast approaching, getting a new patio now is a perfect time.

There is nothing worse than having a nice outdoor setting, BBQ and the like getting drenched with the winter rain. Don’t even get started on the rain run between the car and the front door,

especially when you have kids and shopping in hand.

With allowances in shire approval time frames, you could have your new patio in time for the end of winter if not sooner.

Critically you will beat the inevitable rush that the warmer weather brings as everyone realises they need to get the patio now before Christmas.

Time and Money?

If you're handy on the tools you may think that just getting some cover is easy enough without breaking the bank.

There may be an existing structure there that you can just add some solid roof sheets too but this is like just adding a band-aid, it may work for now but soon enough you will need another band-aid to fix something else.

This means more time and money spent on something that was to be saving you all of this originally.

You may also have the skill to build a new covered area but do you have the time?

In an age where time is more valuable for work, family and play do you really want to be spending your precious time building a structure that could best be used elsewhere?

Home Made & Existing 

A lot of these homemade structures are not shire approved or if they were in the past such as a timber pergola it is unlikely they are when a solid roof sheet is added to prevent the wet weather or even the sun.

Truth be told we see a lot of old timber pergolas that have had the shade cloth removed and steel or fibreglass sheets added.

Unfortunately, the timber pergola is not engineered for the permanent cover and add to this the screws used to attach these sheets are often the incorrect ones.

Pop Up Shelters

Another alternate cover is the pop-up gazebo and while these are great for camping, parks or the kid's footy carnivals they are not designed to be a permanent full time cover.

Anyone that has tried to put one of these up in a bit of a wind knows how painful it can be, now think what could happen in a winter storm if left up, it could be destroyed or even relocated a few houses down the street.

It's just not the winter weather that can leave these gazebos looking second hand, we have seen examples of these covers destroyed by the UV that causes fading and that in turn weakens the material causing it to tear.

Shade Cloth

Shade cloth is another common cover we come across. This can be quite useful in the summer if you're looking for some protection from the sun.

Unfortunately, when it rains it just all comes seeping through, so while it may be good for the dry days it's not great in winter.

Generally, with shade cloth it's not secured so it moves with the wind, this can cause it to tear, or it becomes a nuisance as the constant flapping drives you mad.

They are just some examples as to why you should have a new patio but ultimately, the best reasons to have a new patio through us is not only will it give you peace of mind but we also take care of all the required engineering and shire approvals.

We use Australian made steel and Colorbond® products in all our patios. We also do all our own fabrication and powder coating meaning we can control the quality of work and not have to rely on outsourcing this to another company.

Our friendly design consultants will help design a new patio to suit your needs, wants and home. Great Aussie Patios is also a WA owned and family run company coming into our 20th year, with a large customer base that come back to us for their new patios.

We also offer 12-month interest-free finance through Skye meaning you can get your patio now so why wait? Get your free onsite quote today and we will make sure you are covered by a Great Aussie Patio in no time.

Call us today on 94937115 or email at sales@greataussiepatios.com.au

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